The Federation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS) regularly publishes an online magazine called Queries. In the lates installment Queries 4 tackles the question of how to reform the rules and institutions governing the global economy. With contributions amongst others by Pascal Lamy, Pervenche Berès and Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.

In FEPS’ own words:

[2011#04 | The Next Global Deal]
The disastrous consequences of the recent financial, economic and social crisis exposed the bankruptcy of today’s’ world order, dictated by a neo-liberal ideology. Its obvious inability to respond to global challenges makes it inadequate for the 21st century. Realizing this, one needs to call for a new, feasible agenda. For progressives this call is both a challenge and a chance to present our NEXT Global Deal.

This issue of Queries – The NEXT Global Deal opens with forewords by Ernst STETTER and Joseph STIGLITZ. The articles have been written by outstanding politicians, stakeholders and academics who all met to discuss these issues in-depth at the FEPS-IPD Conference (Washington D.C., October 2010). The echoes of this memorable debate can be found in the closing chapter of this edition.

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