A majority of people in a majority of EU members states supports an increase in public deficit to finance support for the jobless, a recent Eurobarometer survey found. David Blanchflower picks up on the fact that there is a two thirds majority in the UK in favour of this policy and draws conclusions on how this should inform Labour’s strategy. Look in this week’s New Statesman for his full analysis of ‘How the “Work Programme” could make the poor poorer’ and what Labour should do about it.

These Eurobarometer results also vindicate the strategy of the Party of European Socialists (PES). The PES has been critical of the policies implemented by Conservative and Liberal governments across Europe. Deficit reduction without a plan for growth is hurting people unnecessary. The PES has been calling for investment in smart green growth. Latest PES policy positions on this subject can be found here: www.pes.org

In a situation where there are 10 applicants for each job opening measures to increase employability of job seekers alone will not reduce unemployment overall. What’s needed is a strategy for growth.