Dear Chris,
On behalf of the Labour Movement for Europe (LME) we would like to record our appreciation for the leadership you have shown in the recent Parliamentary debates on the activities of News International.  Your tenacity on this issue over a considerable period of time has been admirable and has played a crucial part in bringing the shameful activities of this group to greater public attention.  As a former Chair of LME you are of course aware that the Murdoch press, aside from its other activities, has also been in the forefront of attempts to poison the debate on Europe over many years.  It has done this not from any deeply held conviction, but purely in pursuit of its own commercial interests. You have played a major part in bringing to public attention just how far this organisation was prepared to go in pursuit of pure corporate advantage, and in so doing you have performed a major service for our democracy.
With best regards,
David Schoibl

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  • Well done Chris! Way to go.

    Good to see Murdoch having the most humble day of his life.

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