Alexandru Petrescu on politically engaging non-British EU-citizens living in the UK:

Engaging communities living outside their native territories in the political debate is paramount for ensuring the civic pressure on governments to align their actions with the interests of the many.

Enticing minority communities, whose central reason for their exodus is often disappointment with political performance in their home countries, is a difficult  task for diaspora politicians in their attempt to bring them back into the debate. This is a steep uphill road that will take a special approach and inside community knowledge and understanding.

When working rights for Romanians and Bulgarians are restricted and national perception is sometimes skewed, when social and economic assimilation is a struggle, when access to basic services like education and health are not the norm, unlike for many nationals of full EU Eastern European member states, the community agenda takes precedence over the ideological debate.  Solutions for meeting the needs of immediate integration take priority whilst political discrepancies within the community are on the back burner.

Romanian Social Democrats in the UK are derived from community centred organisations, with a strong awareness of the social and economic integration agenda whilst maintaining the national identity.  Working along side David Schoibl and incorporating our programme with  Labour Movement for Europe (LME) gives me great hopes that a strategic approach dominated by community needs solutions across the Eastern European communities in the UK will boost the appetite for political inclusion in both UK and home countries.

Whilst enjoying the resources and the political establishment of the sister Labour Party to better put across our community petitions, it is still crucial for an efficient adoption of our message that  community grown politicians convert the concessions of the majority into added value to the day to day life of the minorities.

Romanian Social Democrat Party organisations across the UK and Europe are initiation environments for many Romanian nationals in the field of politics and community representation. Our door is open for all those who feel that nothing can be changed in our lives if we do the same thing every day.

The London based Romanian Social Democratic Party, UK branch, is a strong organisation with contacts extending throughout a well-established Romanian community, with according to the last estimation over 450 000 people residents in the United Kingdom. More details about our organisations can be found on our website”


About the author:

Alexandru Petrescu: London & Bucharest based, a well known presence within the British & Eastern European banking landscape and a member of the British Labour Party, with strong centre left views. Romanian and British citizen, an active supporter of the Romanian community in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with the ability to effectively influence and positively determine a better social & economic climate for Romanians. A think tank initiator working to support and to ensure and guarantee all Romanian citizens’ rights within European English speaking territories. Member of the Labour Finance & Industry Group (LFIG) . Member of the Labour Movement for Europe (LME) President of the Romanian Social Democratic Party organisation in the UK and vicepresident of the Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSD), Diaspora organisation.


  • Absolutely valid point about the need to go the extra length with EU citizens resident in the UK especially those from the Central and Eastern Europe.

    Indeed we often note the apathy and often the outright rejection of the democratic processes by these communities. Sadly they advocate a ‘I don’t do politics’ approach yet are the first to be impacted upon by austerity measures and the tendency of current centre-right governments to introduce labour market protectionist measures through stealth approaches.

    We must accelerate and concentrate our efforts on awareness raising and direct engagement measures.

    • Razvan your assessment is in line with my way of thinking. In terms of increasing political inclusion, I recommend a community predominant agenda in preference to an ideological driven debate.

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