(Alexandru Petrescu’s take on the current protests unfolding in Romania)

From London, I have been closely following the events that have been taking over Bucharest and many of the Romanian cities across the country over the past few days. I feel the same as many of my fellow Romanians in Diaspora, that there is an unparallelled thirst for change and a structural shake up that would allow the growth of a new generation of leaders of people rather than questionable law makers and ruthless enforcers who deliver underperforming governance.

After seven years of divisive strategies, painting in black and white the different parts of society that in reality should cooperate and complement each other for their mutual benefit, the last malign manipulation is viral broadcasting that divides political and non-political believers.

Politics plays an important part in creating the democratic and prosperous societies we enjoy in our adoptive countries.  Politics and policies should deliver the essence of social caring and should enhance our collective aspirations and turn them into realitiy.

Chronic political disenfranchisement that would only favour and perpetuate the status quo of the last 7 years is detrimental to all of us, on both sides of the Romanian border.

Poking flags at each other only benefits the common enemy.

Next time, when a political message is broadcast, a promise is made, or when a political leaflet is handed in to you, please read, judge and question; be opinionated, but most importantly, VOTE!