For some time in the Labour Movement for Europe we have been wondering about the discourse used in the UK to present EU matters. I’ve been leading the work on this issue, explaining how the framing of the Labour Party’s EU positions is not right just now. You can read more on my thoughts in a piece for Pragmatic Radicalism. My thinking in this area builds on the work of US linguist George Lakoff and his excellent practical guide Don’t Think of an Elephant.

For the first time we’re happy to be taking these ideas offline. Together with LME Chair David Schoibl, I will be running a workshop at Leicester University Labour Club on 16th February, 7-9pm, to test our ideas. We’ll be using the linguistic basis of Lakoff’s work, and finding ways to apply that to the way Labour talks about the EU (and – by implication – the way EU matters are debated in the UK). It will be experimental and interactive, and hopefully the first in a series of such events.

If you are a student in Leicester and want to attend then speak to Michael Rubin. If you would like to run a similar event in your Labour group or CLP then please use our Speaker Service form!

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