LME is happy to support and cross-promote Labour Friends of Turkey’s Conference Fringe Event.


Turkey in the European Union: A Stronger Vision for Middle East and North Africa?


Date: Sunday, 30 September

Time: 17.45 – 19.30

Venue: Manchester Central

Room: Exchange 4 & 5 Combined


Chair: Cllr. Nilgun Canver (Chair, Labour friends of Turkey

UK Delegate to European Union ‘Committee of the Regions’ )



Jack Straw MP (Former Home, Foreign and Justice Minister)

Emma Reynolds MP (Shadow Europe Minister)

Claude Moraes MEP (Deputy Leader, European Parliamentary Labour Party)

His Excellency, Mr. Unal Cevikoz (Turkish Ambassador to the UK)


This event is in the secure zone

Light refreshments will be provided

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  • I intend to go to this event and would appreciate some basic info on the pluses and minuses of Turkey’s projected entry into the EU. I am instinctively pro this happening but would welcome some comment before going.

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