by Brian Duggan

My CLP, Holborn and St Pancras, this week overwhelming passed a motion to affiliate to the Labour Movement for Europe.

The motion below was passed by 4 or so branches who talked it over and then the full GC debated it and passed the motion. I was struck by the mood of the room, instinctively internationalist and yet impatient to get Europe working and angry that the Tories are playing politics with British interests.

As Labour members it frustrates us to see amidst the challenges of global economic contraction and sluggish growth that the EU is failing to put together an adequate plan for jobs and growth. And it angers us that the Tories want to play politics with our access to the world’s largest single market.

So it must fall to Labour to lead the campaign for a Europe that acts in the interests of the many not the few. It falls to all of us to campaign for a European Union that gets people back into to work and that allows us to build the jobs and industries of the future. But it must also fall to Labour to argue that British access to global trade deals, weight on the world stage and a seat at the table of global power are all boosted by our EU membership. We are not threatened by working with our neighbours, we are enhanced by it.


So consider putting the motion below to your Labour Party branch meeting and up to the GC and affiliate the Labour Movement for Europe and help us to build a Europe that works for Britain.

Affiliate your CLP to the LME

Brian Duggan

LME Executive and Holborn St Pancras CLP


Motion to be submitted to CLP

That this CLP, in a moment of economic crisis and political weakness of the European institutions, recognises the importance:

a)      of strengthening our country’s commitment towards the European Union,

b)      of working with other PES sister parties in developing a new set of social and economic policies;

c)      of promoting a wider debate within the Labour family on European issues and the importance of the above points.

That, in order to promote and deliver these commitments, this CLP will formally be affiliated with the Labour Movement for Europe.


Background information on the Labour Movement for Europe.

The Labour Movement for Europe (LME) is an organisation aiming to improve the quality of debate about Europe in the Labour Party, the wider Labour movement and the UK overall. Bringing together MPs, MEPs, progressive sister organisations and activists from all over the UK, we put the case for Labour in Europe and beyond. The LME is an affiliate of the Labour Party in the Socialist Societies section.

CLP affiliation costs £25 per year – Affiliate your CLP to the LME


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