Join “A Future that Works” in London this Saturday!

Date      Saturday October 20
When?   10:45
Where?  Blackfriars Station (north of the river entrance) for assembly

Will you join us?

This Saturday hundreds of thousands will rally in London as part of the ‘A Future that Works’ demonstration called by the TUC.

Please let me know if you would like to attend.

Along side others, the Labour Movement for Europe together with PES activists, PES sister party UK branches & Europe related Labour Friends of Groups will be there making a case for a Plan B not only in the UK but across the EU.

Invite your friends on facebook to join in.

Austerity only is not the wrong simple answer in this country alone but across Europe. Austerity Europe-style is advocated for and implemented by Conservatives & Liberals who are in power in most EU member-states and hold majorities in the European Parliament, in the College of Commissioners and in the Council. Labour does constructive opposition politics in Britain. It also needs to provide constructive opposition on the EU level, in close co-operation with unions, civil society and its sister parties across the EU. We need a plan B focused on jobs and sustainable growth!

This march has a clear European dimension.
Please help us make it visible.

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