Some fantastic publications have come out recently, which are useful for Labour campaigners giving background to all things EU. Here is a selection.

Without Social Europe there can be no Social Britain in our lifetime

Bernadette Ségol and Jude Kirton-Darling (Labour Candidate in the North East for the European Elections 2014) have co-written this insightful thinkpiece, examining whether a left agenda for Europe could promote a renewed focus on securing a Social Europe and with it a ‘Social Britain’

Published in April 2014 by Class (Centre for Labour and Social Studies)

 A New Path for Europe – ETUC plan for investment, sustainable growth and quality jobs

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has launched a campaign for A New Path for Europe in 2014.

The campaign aims at driving the European Union in a new direction. Instead of sticking with failed policies, European leaders need to fight for a new path, a plan based on investments in sustainable growth and quality jobs. If not, we will continue to see unemployment rise.  The ETUC argues that Social Europe must not be destroyed.

Published by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)

Manifesto of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)’s ahead of the EP Elections

ETUC’s EP2014 Election Manifesto is short and to the point, you may find it useful:

Renegotiation, Reform and Referendum: Does Britain have an EU future?

Edited by former LME London & South East Executive Member Adam Hug, the Foreign Policy Centre have published a comprehensive analysis of Britain’s Future in Europe. The full report examines some of the key issues in the current UK debate over the future of its membership of the European Union. The publication looks at the UK government’s attempts to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU, the current debate about ideas for possible reform, and the implications of the proposed 2017 membership referendum. It also looks at how the UK’s renegotiation proposals and the wider British debate are regarded in other member states.

The publication contains contributions from a diverse range of experts with different viewpoints including: Prof Tim Congdon (University of Buckingham), Dr Richard Corbett, Dr Charles Danreuther (University of Leeds), Sir Stuart Etherington (NCVO), Katja Hall (CBI), Malcolm Harbour MEP, Dr Richard Hayton (University of Leeds), Adam Hug (ed. Foreign Policy Centre), Andrea Leadsom MP, Axelle Lemaire (French National Assembly), Prof James Mitchell (University of Edinburgh), Owen Tudor (TUC) and Jan Marinus Wiersma and Adriaan Schout (Clingendael).

Published in February 2014 by Foreign Policy Centre