Have Your Say – Register by the 6th of May – Vote to Defeat the Extremists.

People who move from one country to another are less likely to be engaged politically in their country of origin and in their country of residence. European Citizens living in another EU member state are also less likely to vote in European Elections than their native neighbours. Young citizens are also less likely to be registered and less likely to vote than older citizens. However, people on the move and young people are far less likely to vote for racists and xenophobe parties and are less euro-sceptic. Please help us to reach out.

Mike Gapes MP described the latest UKIP election billboards as racist In response he urges all British, Commonwealth or European citizens living in this country to make sure they are registered to vote and vote to defeat the UKIP extremists on May 22. 

How to register:

If you live in the UK and if are a non-British EU citizen from France, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Finland, Austria, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Denmark and Latvia and you have not yet registered to vote in the European elections at home your registration deadline will have passed. However, you can still register in the UK to vote in the European Elections here. Register by May 6 and you will still be able to vote in the European and Local elections on May 22.

If you live in the UK and if you are a non-British EU citizens from the following countries you can still register for the European Elections in the EU country you are a citizen of: Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia and Sweden (all with the deadline April 25), Germany (May 4), Hungary (May 9), Ireland (May 10) Poland (May 20). However, if you feel your vote matters more in the UK you can still register to vote here until May 6.

EU citizens who do not hold British, Cypriot, Irish or Maltese citzenship, need to a) be on the electoral register for the local election and b) sign a declaration on a separate form that they opt to vote in the European Elections in the UK and will not vote in the country they are citizen of.

If you are not on the electoral register go to www.aboutmyvote.co.uk and enter your post code in the top right corner to get contact details of your local Electoral Registration office. If you are registering afresh now, you might as well also send them the EU election declaration in one go (download here).

If you are on the electoral register and have not been sent or are unsure if you have returned your signed European Election declaration download it here and send it to your local Electoral Registration office by May 6.

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