IMAG0666Labour’s 2014 European Manifesto

More than six years after the financial crisis swept across the world, the effects are still being felt – and no more so than in Europe. The focus for Britain at this time should be to promote growth at home and secure influence abroad.

Our priority is to make Britain better off by dealing with the cost of living crisis and building an economy that works for hardworking people. Labour MEPs will continue to take action to tackle the pressures facing families, and make the big long-term changes we need to build an economy that works for working people.

By contrast, David Cameron’s approach has created unnecessary economic uncertainty during a cost of living crisis, at the precise time our economy needs stability based on growth and investment. He has committed to a major renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with Europe, yet he can’t tell us what he is negotiating for, has no strategy for achieving change and can’t even tell us whether he will campaign to keep Britain in Europe. What he is guaranteeing is up to four years of damaging uncertainty and division, risking jobs and growth at home and British influence abroad.

Labour’s 2014 European Manifesto

Labour’s position on Europe is clear and principled: we strongly believe Britain’s future lies at the heart of a reformed EU. The benefits of being in the EU are strategic, economic and are about the character of our country – an outward looking, confident Britain. But if Britain’s future in Europe is to be secured, we know that Europe needs to work better for Britain. That is why Labour is working for change in Europe so that it works for the hardworking people in Britain.

In addition, Labour believes that the public should have a guarantee that no future transfer of powers should take place without the public having their say. That is why we have announced that the next Labour government will legislate for a lock that guarantees that there cannot be any transfer of powers from Britain to the European Union without an in/out referendum.

Our position offers the British people a clear choice at the next election. A choice between a divided and ungovernable Conservative Party that threatens to inflict huge uncertainty on business and undermine Britain’s influence on the international stage or Labour MEPs whose priority in the European Parliament will be creating more and better jobs; helping British business succeed; protecting our national interest; and raising living standards for all – not just the few at the top.

Labour’s 2014 European Manifesto