gleniswWith living standards under pressure, Labour MEPs have put jobs and  economic growth at the heart of our work in Europe, standing up for a better deal for British families.

Labour’s 2014 European Manifesto

We have fought hard to regulate the finance sector, tackling the dangerous risk-taking culture and big bonuses that contributed to the financial crisis. We have championed new initiatives  to reduce youth unemployment and challenged rip-off credit card charges. We have cracked  down on the underhand marketing of cigarettes to children and stood up to the food industry to  demand more openness about where our food has come from.

Labour MEPs are proud of these and many other successes, but we want to go further. Europe needs to change if it is to win back the confidence of the British public and to better reflect the issues that matter to hardworking people up and down Britain.

We are proud to have secured new funding to help young unemployed people find a job or training, but more must be done to reform the EU so that its primary focus is boosting jobs and economic growth.

Labour’s 2014 European Manifesto

We are proud of our efforts to block those who seek to weaken the European  safeguards that protect working people and consumers, but there are still loopholes that must be  closed. On trade, we are proud of helping the EU to boost our economy through the European  Single Market and new international trade agreements. But, we must remain vigilant to ensure that the Government does not use these deals as a tool to undermine our public services, including the NHS.  And we recognise that at a time of tough choices at home, we must argue not just for restraint of  the EU budget but also for reform. There are further savings and institutional changes that must  be made.

Of course we are also proud of the work we do at home in our constituencies, backing local

projects to support jobs and investment, helping local businesses trade with Europe and  supporting constituents who have had problems dealing with another EU country.

These elections are about who you want on your side representing your interests in the European Parliament. Time and again Labour has voted for progress to help hardworking Britain.

Yet all too often the Tories have tried to block our efforts, choosing instead to stand up for vested  interests.

From getting the European economy working, to tackling climate change, from equal rights to the pound in your pocket, decisions made in the European Parliament matter.

That is why Britain is better off with Labour MEPs.

Labour’s 2014 European Manifesto