votelabourWith less then two weeks to go to polling day lend a hand to get out the Labour vote. According to opinion polls there is still a lot to play for. In most of the electoral regions there is an additional Labour MEP possible. For example in London we are more or less guaranteed to go from two Labour MEPs to three but there is a chance we can get a fourth elected. And countrywide it is still not clear yet if Labour or UKIP will top the national share of the votes. Hence, if you want to prevent the Extremists from winning you have to vote Labour and more importantly if you have some spare time help Labour to Get Out The Vote.

Please email if you want us to put you in touch with the regional European campaign effort where you live or you can touch base with your European candidates directly (please find a link list below).

EP2014 Candidates websites and or twitter handles:

East of England and


Richard Howitt MEP

Alex Mayer and

Sandy Martin and

Bhavna Joshi

Paul Bishop

Jane Basham

Chris Ostrowski


East Midlands – and


Glenis Willmott MEP and

Rory Palmer and

Linda Woodings

Khalid Hadadi

Nicki Brooks


London and


Claude Moraes MEP and

Mary Honeyball MEP and

Lucy Anderson and

Seb Dance

Ivana Bartoletti and

Kamaljeet Jandu

Sanchia Alasia

Andrea Biondi


North East – and


Judith Kirton-Darling

Nick Wallis –

Jayne Shotton –


North West – and


Theresa Griffin

Afzal Khan

Julie Ward

Wajid Khan

Angeliki Stogia

Steve Carter

Pascal Lamb

Nick Parnell


Scotland and


David Martin MEP and

Catherine Stihler MEP and

Derek Munn

Katrina Murray

Asim Khan

Kirsty O’Brien


Links to these regions will have been added by the evening of Sunday May 11.


South East of England and


Anneliese Dodds

John Howarth

Emily Westley

Farah Nazeer

James Swindlehurst

Maggie Hughes

James Watkins

Karen Landles

Chris Clark

Tracey Hill


South West and


Claire Moody

Glyn Ford

Ann Reeder

Hadleigh Roberts

Jude Robinson

Junab Ali



Wales and


Derek Vaughan MEP

Jayne Bryant

Alex Thomas

Christina Rees


West Midlands and


Neena Gill

Sion Simon

Lynda Waltho

Ansar Ali Khan

Olwen Hamer

Tony Ethapemi

Caire Edwards


Yorkshire & Humberside and


Lynda McAvan MEP

Richard Corbett

Elianor Tunnicliffe

Asgar Khan

Helen Mirfin-Boukouris

Darren Hughes