A former work colleague and good friend sent me an email earlier in the week asking for a good argument for who he should vote in the upcoming European Elections. I suggested to him to vote Labour and provided the following reasons.

What arguments would you use to convince a friend/colleague/neighbour? [please tweet us your suggestions to @labour4europe]

ONE: It’s a two horse race in terms of national share of the vote in the European Elections between Labour and UKIP. If you don’t want the extremists to win you have got to vote Labour.

TWO: On a European level, if you care about the European (Social) Model, paid holiday, collective insurance of life risks, a combination of liberal democracy with a market economy within a reliable legal framework, you will want to vote for parties who care about the sustainability of this all. Inequality matters in this, as the more inequality the less solidarity within and between countries. Should the EU fall apart, we have got no chance of defending our European way of life in the context of global competition from authoritarian (China, Russia, etc.) or plutocratic capitalist regimes That’s why, Labour and its sister parties across Europe are the best option to cast your vote in defence of the European Way of Life.

Please tweet us your reasons and arguments for voting Labour to @labour4europe or tweet me directly @davidschoibl