At the beginning of the selection process for our new leadership, we asked the candidates four key questions on the EU:

  1. In the upcoming referendum on EU membership, what are the key steps Labour should take to secure an ‘in’ vote? How can we mobilise support both within and outside the party?

  2. What are your priorities for EU reform?

  3. What is your vision for Britain’s role in the EU, and how would you position the Labour party with regard to this?

  4. What are the key issues that the EU will have to address in the coming years?

We are very grateful that all of our Deputy Leadership candidates have taken the time to thoroughly answer them.

You can find the full responses from:

Ben Bradshaw

Stella Creasy

Angela Eagle

Caroline Flint

Tom Watson

on our website.

We are glad all of our candidates see themselves and the Labour Party as pro-European and will campaign for a Labour Yes in the referendum.

We look forward to working with the candidate Labour members and supporters choose to be our new Deputy Leader, as well as the remaining candidates. All of them are great assets to the Labour and pro-European movement.