By Tom Barker

Kinnock, alongside four other senior Labour figures; Margaret Beckett, David Blunkett, Jack Straw and Hilary Benn, have written to the Sunday Mirror expressing their support for Britain voting to remain in the EU.

Kinnock led the Labour Party for nine years, and the other signatories held senior cabinet positions in the last Labour government. All five campaigned to leave the EU during the 1975 referendum.

But now they say: “It’s clear Britain is stronger, safer and better off than we would or could be if pulled out of the EU.

“Britain’s voice on global matters, whether debt relief, peace-keeping or climate change, is amplified by being part of Europe. Intelligence sharing helps us fight terrorism and other crime.

“The conclusion of the current renegotiation will hopefully strengthen this relationship as we make the progressive case for Britain in Europe.”

The senior Labour figures’ letter shows how united the Labour Party is on committing to remain in Europe, with 214 of Labour’s 232 MPs part of a grouping which campaigns to ensure Britain remains in the EU. The grouping is led by Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson.