This week Labour’s National Executive Committee made a series of decisions about how the forthcoming election for the leadership of the Labour party will be conducted. Please find below information about what it decided.

Who is eligible to vote in the Labour party leadership election?
Anybody who has been a full or affiliated member of the Labour party before 13 January 2016.
Crucially, anyone who is in arrears as a full or affiliated member and joins before 8 August will be entitled to vote.
Anyone who joins as a registered supporter between 5pm on Monday 18 July and 5pm on Wednesday 20 July next week will also be entitled to vote.

I joined after 12 January 2016. Do I have to resign my membership and rejoin as a registered supporter if I want to vote?

No, you just have to join as a registered supporter in addition to being a full Labour party member.

If I join as an affiliated supporter now, am I able to vote?
If you were a member of an affiliated union or socialist society before 12 January you can contact the organisation you’re a member of and become an affiliated supporter of the Labour party. However, if you joined that organisation afterwards and you want to vote then you have to join as a registered supporter within the window for doing so next week.

I have been a LME member before 13 January but don’t have a vote through membership. What do I need to do?
You need to register at as a member of the Labour Movement for Europe as soon as possible, but before 8 August to have a vote as an affiliate member.