Notes the results of the referendum on EU membership and the severe divisions and difficulties that this has triggered in the country

Thanks the thousands of Labour party members who campaigned for Remaining in the EU

Notes that no alternative option to membership has yet agreed by Parliament or the country

Considers that full access to the single European market for British goods and services is vital for jobs and prosperity in Britain

Calls for the rights and workplace protections enshrined in EU law to be maintained in the UK

Insists that the rights of residence of EU citizens already living in Britain and the rights of British citizens already living in other EU countries should be preserved

Considers that the government should set out its objectives before triggering Art 50 “divorce” negotiations, and in particular spell out whether, and how, it intends to secure British access to the European single market or, failing that, how it intends to protect the British jobs and the economy from severe losses

Considers that any new settlement with the EU must itself be subject to approval, preferably through a general election or referendum, and that should such a settlement prove to be unacceptable, the option of retaining membership and securing further reforms should be considered