Yesterday, the Labour Movement for Europe National Executive decided to nominate Owen Smith for Labour Leader. This follows a consultation with members and supporters that overwhelmingly backed making a nomination for Smith.

Out of all 468 contributions to the consultation, 437 (93.4%) said that we should be making a nomination, while 31 (6.6%) said we should not. Among our members the result was crystal clear with 93.75% to 6.25% in favour of Owen.

When considering Members and supporters Owen Smith received the highest support to be our nominee. 382 respondents (81.6%) selected him, while Jeremy Corbyn was chosen by 69 (14.7%). 17 (3.6%) declined to make a selection for who we should nominate. This means that Owen was the choice to be our nominee by 84.7% percent compared to Jeremy’s 15.3%.

The National Executive, meeting on Saturday 14th August, followed the guidance of our members and supporters and submitted a supporting nomination for Owen Smith to the Labour Party.