Conference notes the TUC decision on September 12, 2016 to accept the majority vote of 17.4 million people in the referendum on UK membership of the EU despite campaigning for Remain as the best option for working people in terms of job seucity and rights.

Conference believes:

  1. Article 50 should not be triggered until we know the exact details of the deal the UK will get upon departure from the EU;
  2. Negotiations on Brexit must: be open and transparent, not be conducted behind closed doors, involve our Party and other social and economic stakeholders including trade unions.

Conference notes

  • that David Davis’ statement to Parliament shows that the Government has no plan for the UK to leave the EU and that this endangers jobs and growth;
  • notes with concern the adverse reaction to the UK at the recent G20 meeting, especially the letter from the Japanese Government outlining concerns; notes with concern that Nissan has suspended investment in its plant in Sunderland;
  • considers that full access to the single European market for British goods and services is vital for jobs and prosperity in Britain;
  • Calls for the rights and workplace protections enshrined in EU law to be maintained in the UK;
  • insists that the rights of residence of EU citizens already living in Britain and the rights of British citizens already living in other EU countries should be preserved;
  • recognises that many of those who voted to leave the EU were expressing dissatisfaction with EU or national policy and were voting for change, but believes that unless the final settlement proves to be acceptable then the option of retaining EU membership should be retained. The final settlement should therefore be subject to approval, through Parliament and potentially through a general election, or a referendum.

Conference revolved that:

  1. Our Party Leader, PLP and EPLP work with the Party of European Socialists and other progressive forces in Europe to ensure the terms of our exit are concluded before Article 50 is triggered;
  2. Talks dealing with Brexit are subject to democratic scrutiny and accountability with terms that must be democratically endorsed or revoked;
  3. Our Party has clear red lines to protect worker and human rights, our economy, industry and environment.
  4. Our Party will not support any new neoliberal trade deal(s) promoting policies such as further privatisation, deregulation, erosion of workers or human rights or reduction in environmental protection.
  5. Our party will campaign to protect employment rights which depend on legislation at the European Union level. Equally, pensioners must not pay a Brexit premium and the trade union movement must fight to retain the “triple lock” on the state pension.

Mover : TSSA
Seconder: Newcastle Upon Tyne Central CLP