The Labour Movement for Europe is a Socialist Society affiliated to the Labour Party whose aim is to improve and broaden the understanding of the European Union and its potential throughout the wider Labour movement and the United Kingdom. It is the home of the pro-Europeans in the Labour and trade union movement.

The LME campaigns with other organisations in the Labour movement for the UK to remain at the heart of the EU, exercising influence in accordance with our progressive values



220px-Kinnock,_NeilNeil Kinnock 

Neil Kinnock was born to a working class family in South Wales in 1942. After graduating in History and Industrial Relations from Cardiff University he worked as a tutor/organiser for the Workers’ Education Association in South Wales. He became Labour MP for Bedwellty (later Islwyn) in 1970, was appointed as the Party’s Chief Education Spokesman in 1979, and was elected Leader of the Party in 1983. In 1978 he was elected to the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party which he chaired in 1991/2. He resigned the Leadership in 1992, following  defeat in the General Election. In 1995 he was appointed as one of the UK’s members of the European Commission and took the Transport portfolio. Promoted to be Vice President of the Commission in 1999, he was given responsibility for Reform of the Institution and for the newly established Linguistics, Internal Audit, and Logistics Directorates General. He was President (Chancellor) of Cardiff University 1998-2009. Upon his retirement  from the Commission in 2004, he became a member of the House of Lords and, until 2009, Chairman of the British Council. He campaigns for Labour causes and has been President of the Labour Movement for Europe since 2004. He has been married to Glenys Kinnock, former teacher, MEP and Foreign Office Minister since 1967.




IMG_7672Giampi Alhadeff

I am first and foremost a community activist, networker and campaigner with 24 years experience of campaigning in Britain and in the EU. Before being appointed General Secretary of the European Parliamentary Labour Party, I was the founding General Secretary of Solidar, the European alliance of NGOs linked to socialist parties and the trade unions. There I lead campaigns on social rights, for “decent work’, and for increased openness and transparency by the EU and its institutions.

Immediately before working for Solidar I was General Secretary of War on Want, part of the rescue team which led the charity out of the crisis it found itself in the 1980s.  Prior to that I have been a detached youth worker running a club for “greasers’ and “Hells Angels in North Devon,, a school teacher In Devon and in London and I  directed London’s only emergency admission centre for  chaotic drug users in the 1980s.

Since retiring at the end of 2012 I coordinated the London European Elections campaign and I continue to be a senior volunteer at the London Region. I am currently also an advisor on international relations to the Japanese global company Sunstar.  I have published articles in Labour List and Tribune, I am a Governor at my local primary school, and Treasurer of my CLP.  I am fluent in French, Spanish and Italian, and still trying to improve my Greek and Japanese, occasionally, to my audience’s great bemusement, confusing one with the other.



The National Executive is elected by our members and is responsible for the conduct of our activities.


Sebastian Vogt
Secretary & National Executive Member

Sebastian Vogt is the Secretary of the Labour Movement for Europe. Originally from Germany, he studies International Politics at City University London and works in the constituency office of Seb Dance MEP.


Cllr David Poyser
Treasurer National & Executive Member

David spent 30 years making award-winning TV in the UK, including a successful BBC2 series on the EU that was re-broadcast for 10 years. His interest in the EU dates back to 1979 when he was an intern in the Secretariat of the European Commission and on the Committee of the Young European Left. More recently, he has commuted back and forth from London to share his media expertise with the European Parliament heading the production division of the European Parliament broadcast unit, which led to three years working with the Parliament’s Socialist Group’s communications unit, where the team won a prestigious award for the best online communications in the EU. He has since had a series of contracts working for the EPLP and, no longer commuting to Brussels, he was elected a Councillor in Islington in 2015.


Martin Phillips
Membership Officer & National Executive Member

Martin Phillips has worked with the LME executive since 2007, handling administration and acting as secretary and treasurer. He is a member of the party’s National Policy Forum and is based in the New Forest in Hampshire. He also runs his own marketing business, with 95% of his work being exported to other EU countries.

Ivana Bartoletti
National Executive Member

Ivana is in charge of Information Governance at NHS Protect, the organisation leading the fight against crime and corruption against the NHS. In 2012, received the Best Personal Achievement in the Public Sector Award.
Ivana is the Chair of the Fabian Women’s Network (FWN), one of Britain’s most vibrant women’s organisations, and Vice-Chair of the Fabian Society. In 2014, she stood as a Labour London candidate for the European elections, helping Labour achieve the best European results in London since 1974.
Long history as an activist and politician at international level including as adviser to the Minister for Human Rights in the Romano Prodi government in Italy.
Ivana regularly speaks at events and meetings in UK and abroad on national and international politics, equality and the NHS.


Keir Dhillon
National Executive Member


Anne Fairweather
National Executive Member

Anne Fairweather has been a Labour activist for 20 years and has been active on European matters since becoming a member of Erasmus Student Network at University. Both her academic and professional career have taken her across the EU. She is keen to use this experience to make the case for our membership of the EU within the Labour Party and beyond.

Glyn Ford
National Executive Member

Glyn was a Member of the European Parliament from 1984-2009, initially for Greater Manchester and after 1999 for South West England and Gibraltar. He was also leader of the EPLP and Deputy-Leader of the Socialist Group. He was National Treasurer of the Anti-Nazi League and is currently European Officer on the Steering Committee of Unite Against Fascism. He edited with Julian Priestly ‘Our Europe, Not Theirs’ (Lawrence and Wishart, 2014) and produced for CLASS ‘How can the European Left deal with the threat posed by Xenophobia?’. He is a Member of UNITE and a regular contributor to ‘Tribune’ and ‘Chartist’.


Rachel Franklin
National Executive Member

Rachel is a passionate advocate for social Europe, having been captivated by the EU's capacity to influence widespread social change whilst interning at the European Parliament. She has since worked for a number of leading think tanks and advocacy organisations both in Westminster and Brussels, focusing on EU affairs and international relations. Currently based in Bangkok, Rachel's current research looks at changing trends in regional and global governance, particularly with respect to the ASEAN Economic Community. She continues to be an active and avid campaigner on Britain's relationship with Europe and tweets @RachelAFranklin.


Cllr Kevin Peel
National Executive Member

Kevin grew up in Liverpool but moved to Manchester 6 years ago at which time he also joined the Labour Party. He was elected as the first ever Labour & Co-operative Councillor for Manchester City Centre in 2011. In addition to councilloring, Kevin co-chairs LGBT Labour in the North West and sits on LGBT Labour’s National Executive. He is also an active co-operator. Kevin has long had an interest in European politics but became actively involved during the 2009 European elections, when he campaigned in seats across the region to return Labour MEPs to Brussels. Kevin is passionate about making the case for Europe within the Labour Party and translating that into election wins in every region at the European elections in 2014 and beyond.

Matt Watson
National Executive Member


Toby Wardman
National Executive Member



The European Parliamentary Labour Party elects two Representatives to the National Executive.


Richard Corbett MEP
MEP for Yorkshire and Humber

Richard Corbett MEPRichard is Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & Humber, and Deputy Leader of the Labour MEPs. He is currently Vice-Chair of the European Movement in the UK, and was formerly the spokesperson for the Socialist & Democratic group on EU reform. He was first elected in 1996.
Between 2010 and 2014, Richard was political advisor to Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, advising on political and institutional issues, and on relations with national parliaments and the European Parliament.
In 2012, Richard was voted the fourth most influential Briton in Europe, by a panel of journalists, retired diplomats, academics and think-tankers.


Clare Moody MEP
MEP for the South West & Gibraltar

Clare Moody MEPClare Moody was elected as the Member of the European Parliament for the South West and Gibraltar in May 2014.
Clare spent most of her working life, before becoming an MEP, as a trade unionist representing people in a wide variety of industries. She has spent the majority of her adult life in the South West and knows the rich diversity of our region well. Clare is passionate about making sure everyone in our region has the ability to have a safe, secure job that can provide for their them and their family and that they can benefit from the shared prosperity that being in Europe brings.
From the Atlantic Highway to the Jurassic Coast, and from Lands End to the Forest of Dean, it will always be her priority to put your voice first in Brussels.