LME EMG report back: Our Brexit campaign

December 11, 2016By LMEArticles, LME News

The Labour Movement for Europe held its Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday, 26th November at the Headquarter of the International Transport Workers’ Federation in London. You can Chairs Report November 2016. The EGM unanimously agreed to the proposed changes in the Constitution under the provision of the inclusion of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party in … Read More

Changes to the LME Constitution

November 16, 2016By LMELME News

At our upcoming EGM, the National Executive is proposing changes to the LME Constitution. The new draft Constitution can be viewed here and a comparison of the changes is available here. The changes are unanimously supported by the national Executive and will be voted on at the EGM’s main session at 13:00 on Saturday, 26th … Read More

Soft or Hard Brexit: Do the Political Parties Know What They Want? by Dr Kristy Hughes

November 14, 2016By LMEArticles

by Dr Kirsty Hughes This article was originally co-published by European Futures of Edinburgh University and openDemocracy. It is republished here with the author’s consent. Amidst the rapidly changing politics of Brexit, and the furore around the Article 50 judgement, it seems that the big division between the government and opposition parties is whether the UK heads towards a ‘soft’ … Read More

LME EGM in London, 26th November 2016

November 3, 2016By LMELME News

On 26th November 2016 the Labour Movement for Europe will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting at the International Transport Workers Federation House, the wonderful head office this global trade union. The venue is at 49-60 Borough Road, London, SE1 1DR, a short walk from Borough Underground Station, walking distance from London Bridge (Map). The meeting … Read More

Brexiters are the minority by Dr Monica Threlfall

November 2, 2016By LMEArticles

Brexiters are the minority. 70% of the voting-age population did nothing to support leaving the EU. Labour should seek to represent them too. Dr. Monica Threlfall , London Metropolitan University The Prime Minister repeatedly claims ‘the people’ or ‘the public’ backed Brexit – even with ‘emphatic clarity’ in her conference speech. Commentators insist ‘the British … Read More

Conference Composite motion 1 on Employment Rights

September 30, 2016By LMEFeatured

Conference notes the TUC decision on September 12, 2016 to accept the majority vote of 17.4 million people in the referendum on UK membership of the EU despite campaigning for Remain as the best option for working people in terms of job seucity and rights. Conference believes: Article 50 should not be triggered until we … Read More

The Labour Movement for Europe nominates Owen Smith for Labour Leader

August 14, 2016By LMEUncategorized

Yesterday, the Labour Movement for Europe National Executive decided to nominate Owen Smith for Labour Leader. This follows a consultation with members and supporters that overwhelmingly backed making a nomination for Smith. Out of all 468 contributions to the consultation, 437 (93.4%) said that we should be making a nomination, while 31 (6.6%) said we … Read More

Am I eligible to vote in the Labour Leadership election?

July 15, 2016By LMELME News

This week Labour’s National Executive Committee made a series of decisions about how the forthcoming election for the leadership of the Labour party will be conducted. Please find below information about what it decided. Who is eligible to vote in the Labour party leadership election? Anybody who has been a full or affiliated member of … Read More