LME Chair Giampi Alhadeff comments on Cameron’s renegotiation deal

February 20, 2016By LMEArticles

  After the high drama in Brussels David Cameron has his deal. There were some funny moments. The Times reported that the Summit started late as the VIP limos took forever to arrive and disgorge their charges, then when the European Parliament president Martin Schulz arrived, his appearance on the red carpet was delayed as an … Read More

How Corbyn can confront Cameron’s Chamberlain moment

February 18, 2016By LMEArticles

  By Glyn Ford The Labour Party and its pro-Europe campaign, Labour In, are struggling over how to handle the “Neville Chamberlain moment” on February 19, when – very likely – David Cameron will return from the Brussels’ European Council holding aloft his “non-aggression pact” signed by the Europe’s other 27 prime ministers, declaring: “It’s peace … Read More

Scotland and Brexit: A path to independence or crisis?

February 18, 2016By LMEArticles

  By Kristy Hughes The EU referendum could be held as early as June – if the vote is for Brexit, a UK-wide political crisis is likely. Recent polls for Scotland suggest almost two-thirds of the population support staying in the EU. Polls in Northern Ireland also suggest a clear majority in favour, while in Wales … Read More

Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock wants Britain to stay in Europe

February 14, 2016By LMEArticles, LME News

  By Tom Barker Kinnock, alongside four other senior Labour figures; Margaret Beckett, David Blunkett, Jack Straw and Hilary Benn, have written to the Sunday Mirror expressing their support for Britain voting to remain in the EU. Kinnock led the Labour Party for nine years, and the other signatories held senior cabinet positions in the last … Read More

The birds and the bees and a whole lot more by Jake Sumner, SERA

February 14, 2016By LMEOp-ed

  Millions of members of environmental groups from the RSPB to the WWF, give money and support to campaign to protect our environment: bio-diversity, flora, fauna, countryside, rivers and seas. Their work is rightly valued, helping to improve our well-being and protect our natural resources. Yet, one organisation, as important, arguably more, doesn’t normally feature in … Read More

The Internationalist Case for Europe – Hilary Benn

February 11, 2016By LMEArticles

  Speech by Hilary Benn MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary at Chatham House, Thursday 11 February 2016. ***CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY*** Since it was founded almost a century ago Chatham House has born witness to, and at times helped shape, profound changes in our world. Two world wars, the end of Empire, the creation of the United … Read More

Hilary Benn Interview

February 8, 2016By LMEArticles

  Watch the video below, in which Hillary Benn MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary, said: “In the 1975 European referendum, a majority of the Labour movement voted No. Since then many people, me included, have been on a journey and we will be campaigning to remain in the EU when we make the most important decision about … Read More

Pat McFadden MP’s speech to the IIEA

January 27, 2016By LMEArticles

  Speech by Pat McFadden MP to Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA), Dublin, 1pm Wednesday 27 January 2016. It is a great pleasure to be here at the Institute of International and European Affairs. This organisation has a well deserved reputation for high quality debate and publications on European and broader international issues. It … Read More