LME Campaigning in the GE2015

February 26, 2015By LMECampaigning, Featured, LME News

LME Members will be making an all out effort to win the General Election 2015. We will be joined by Brussels Labour Party on these three occasions. More dates and details to follow.  A few forward dates for your diary: April 16-17 Campaigning in Bristol West for a Labour victory for Thangham Debbonaire. April 25 … Read More

Parliamentary Pioneers Arrives

February 26, 2015By LMEFeatured, Mary Honeyball

 Parliamentary Pioneers, Mary Honeyball MEP’s book exploring the rise of the first Labour MPs to enter Parliament and published by Urbane, will be out in three days. Pre order your copy here.

Stop the Europhobes gambling with our country’s future

February 26, 2015By LMEArticles, Featured

Neil Kinnock Honorary President Labour Movement for Europe (A shorter version of this article was published by LabourList) We live in an uncertain and unstable world, with more diverse threats and challenges than at any point in my adult life. The last thing we need is uncertainty and instability that is SELF inflicted. But that … Read More

EU Referendum: Record lead for staying IN

February 24, 2015By LMEArticles, Featured, Interesting Blogs

45% would vote to remain in the European Union, while 35% would vote to leave YouGov’s largest IN lead since our records began In YouGov’s latest data tracking how people would vote in a referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union found support for the union at an all-time high of 45%, up from … Read More

Baroness Hayter addresses the LME AGM

February 24, 2015By LMEArticles, Featured, LME News

Baroness Dianne Hayter addressed the LME AGM 2015 with the following speech:  Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, in The Leopard, “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change”. He of course was referring to Sicily. I refer to Europe, where perhaps we Europeans have been complacent, both about the actual … Read More

Keep it Co-op campaign launch

February 23, 2015By LMEArticles, Featured

KEEP IT COOP The link between the Co-op group and Labour’s sister party, the Co-op Party, is under threat. We all need to rally round and turn people out to support the Keep It Co-op campaign that was launched yesterday: www.keepit.coop It is feared that the Group wants to use the mechanism of a motion … Read More

Giampi Alhadeff elected as new national chair of the LME

February 19, 2015By LMEFeatured, LME News

Giampi Alhadeff National Chair I am first and foremost a community activist, networker and campaigner with 24 years experience of campaigning in Britain and in the EU. Before being appointed General Secretary of the European Parliamentary Labour Party, I was the founding General Secretary of Solidar, the European alliance of NGOs linked to socialist parties and the trade … Read More

New executive and a new Programme

February 19, 2015By LMEFeatured, LME News

The LME AGM on 31. January 2015 elected a new executive, consisting of: Honorary President: The Rt Hon The Lord (Neil) Kinnock National Chair: Giampi Alhadeff National Executive: Cllr Kevin Peel, Cllr David Poyser, Ivana Bartoletti, Anne Fairweather, Rachel Franklin, Sebastian Vogt, Glyn Ford, Matt Watson; Keir Dhillon, Martin Phillips. EPLP Representatives: Richard Corbett MEP, … Read More

Syriza’s historic win: A wake up call to Europe

February 19, 2015By LMEArticles, Featured

This article is written by Giampi Alhadeff and Don Brind. It originally appeared in LabourList. An American friend calls. He’s heard the Greeks are revolting and wonders if it’s safe to take a holiday there. Don’t worry, I say. The weather fabulous and blue, blue sea simply splendid. The people are fantastic. What’s not to … Read More