Read up on EU matters!

April 28, 2014By Labour Movement for EuropeLME News, Toolkits

Some fantastic publications have come out recently, which are useful for Labour campaigners giving background to all things EU. Here is a selection. Without Social Europe there can be no Social Britain in our lifetime Bernadette Ségol and Jude Kirton-Darling (Labour Candidate in the North East for the European Elections 2014) have co-written this insightful thinkpiece, … Read More

Richard Corbett’s EU Mythbuster 2014

April 27, 2014By Labour Movement for EuropeEuromyths, Toolkits

There are a lot of myths around on what the EU does or does not do and who actually does the doing when the EU ‘does things’. Richard Corbett [Labour European Candidate in Yorkshire and the Humber] – the LME’s previous Chair before 2010 – has published a really useful mythbuster on his campaign blog. Quote Richard: ‘If you … Read More

TUC South West: Truth, Lies & Migrants

April 27, 2014By Labour Movement for EuropeEuromyths, Toolkits

The anti-migrant bandwagon is struggling to cope with the flood of politicians trying to climb on board. The tidal wave of hysteria rushing through certain newspapers is threatening to swamp any hope of a debate based upon facts and real-life experiences. South West TUC has published a fantastic guide comparing fact and fiction named ‘Truth … Read More

PES Manifesto 2014

April 27, 2014By Labour Movement for EuropeFeatured, Toolkits

The Party of European Socialists’ [PES] member parties have adopted a joint manifesto for the European Elections on their congress in Rome on March 1. The Labour Party has been part of the process writing and agreeing it and has voted for its adoption. Download your copy of the PES manifesto in English here.  

Key Civil Society Visions for the EU

April 27, 2014By Labour Movement for EuropeToolkits

Many civil society organisations have published great EP2014 manifestos and resources. Many of these cooperate very actively with others on EU level on issues which are very relevant to Labour. Here is a list of some interesting ones, if you are interested in policy areas which cannot afford to be discussed without taking European cooperation … Read More