Why leave at all?- Dr Monica Threlfall

September 19, 2017By LMEArticles, Featured, Op-ed

Ever since the Referendum of June 2016, the Brexit ship has been taking on water. Everybody knows the key pledge – a Brexit government would shift £350m a week, supposedly saved from membership costs, into the NHS every year, was an invention. The prospect of throwing out non-British workers so that Brits could take their … Read More

LME EMG report back: Our Brexit campaign

December 11, 2016By LMEArticles, LME News

The Labour Movement for Europe held its Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday, 26th November at the Headquarter of the International Transport Workers’ Federation in London. You can Chairs Report November 2016. The EGM unanimously agreed to the proposed changes in the Constitution under the provision of the inclusion of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party in … Read More

Soft or Hard Brexit: Do the Political Parties Know What They Want? by Dr Kristy Hughes

November 14, 2016By LMEArticles

by Dr Kirsty Hughes This article was originally co-published by European Futures of Edinburgh University and openDemocracy. It is republished here with the author’s consent. Amidst the rapidly changing politics of Brexit, and the furore around the Article 50 judgement, it seems that the big division between the government and opposition parties is whether the UK heads towards a ‘soft’ … Read More

Brexiters are the minority by Dr Monica Threlfall

November 2, 2016By LMEArticles

Brexiters are the minority. 70% of the voting-age population did nothing to support leaving the EU. Labour should seek to represent them too. Dr. Monica Threlfall , London Metropolitan University The Prime Minister repeatedly claims ‘the people’ or ‘the public’ backed Brexit – even with ‘emphatic clarity’ in her conference speech. Commentators insist ‘the British … Read More

Boris Going Allows a Re-Think on Brexit by Denis MacShane

July 2, 2016By LMEArticles

It was Karl Marx who wrote that history has a habit of repeating itself, first as tragedy then as farce. We are witnessing the truth of this maxim in English politics as the man who led the Brexit campaign in order to become Prime Minister now suddenly renounces his ambition. Boris Johnson has underlined the … Read More

Thoughts after the Referendum by Cllr Jeremy Preece

July 1, 2016By LMEArticles

I, like many others I know, feel a very deep sense of loss and sadness a hundred times worse than losing a general election. So many people have said that it feels like someone has died. So what are we mourning? I think we are mourning our citizenship. In our wordy literature we failed to … Read More

Sovereignty – what for and for whom? by Monica Threlfall

April 26, 2016By LMEArticles, Op-ed

The Leave people are always saying they want “our sovereignty back“. But for what purpose? What is this sovereignty and for whom is it supposed to work? Not for ordinary people. Sovereignty is a concept that power-lovers cling to when they fantasize they might get more power thereby. What is the point of ‘sovereignty’ if … Read More