Why leave at all?- Dr Monica Threlfall

September 19, 2017By LMEArticles, Featured, Op-ed

Ever since the Referendum of June 2016, the Brexit ship has been taking on water. Everybody knows the key pledge – a Brexit government would shift £350m a week, supposedly saved from membership costs, into the NHS every year, was an invention. The prospect of throwing out non-British workers so that Brits could take their … Read More

Sovereignty – what for and for whom? by Monica Threlfall

April 26, 2016By LMEArticles, Op-ed

The Leave people are always saying they want “our sovereignty back“. But for what purpose? What is this sovereignty and for whom is it supposed to work? Not for ordinary people. Sovereignty is a concept that power-lovers cling to when they fantasize they might get more power thereby. What is the point of ‘sovereignty’ if … Read More

As a Labour movement, fairness and equality are in our DNA, and the EU advances these values – by Laura Kyrke-Smith, Chair of LCID

February 26, 2016By Rachel FranklinArticles, Op-ed

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where what happens in other parts of the world has an impact on our lives. The Government’s ability to protect people from terrorism here is affected by its ability to stop people becoming terrorists elsewhere. Their ability to limit immigration here is affected by … Read More

How to vote in the referendum? Consider the big picture and the future, writes Dr Monica Threlfall of London Metropolitan University

February 22, 2016By Rachel FranklinArticles, Op-ed

  The EU is an admirable organisation. It is admirable that 6 states finally realised in the 1950s that war was uselessly destructive and had to be avoided – even at the cost of proud nation states having to lose part of their independence. Lest it be forgotten, Europe was a continent of ceaseless and … Read More

The birds and the bees and a whole lot more by Jake Sumner, SERA

February 14, 2016By LMEOp-ed

  Millions of members of environmental groups from the RSPB to the WWF, give money and support to campaign to protect our environment: bio-diversity, flora, fauna, countryside, rivers and seas. Their work is rightly valued, helping to improve our well-being and protect our natural resources. Yet, one organisation, as important, arguably more, doesn’t normally feature in … Read More