Europe Beyond Austerity

September 15, 2012By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

Listening to the media, and some gloating EU-critical politicians and analysts one could think that the eurozone’s existence had caused the global financial crisis of the last few years. This is as wrong as blaming the current crisis on an overspending public sector living beyond its means. Both scenarios treat the crisis mainly as a … Read More

Europe’s High Noon

June 6, 2012By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

An update on the crisis and the Eurozone by Julian Priestley: Pressure is building on the Germans. Every international forum, G7, G8, G20 now turns into a coordinated onslaught to get the Berlin coalition government to change tack, to support a banking union, to underwrite the sovereign debt of other euro countries, to accept a … Read More

EU Referendum Push – Irresponsible and Non-Sensical

May 20, 2012By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

Julian Priestley’s letter to the editor of the Observer: Sir, According to your report (Observer 20/05/2012) Labour Party opinion is being softened up for a breathtaking U-turn on an in/out referendum on Britain’s EU membership. The method – speeches from former ministers, hints from shadow cabinet members, half-hearted denials from the Leader’s office, guided interpretations … Read More

Second Thoughts on the Second Round

May 7, 2012By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, LME News

Hadleigh Roberts urges caution not to exagerate the gains made by the Left in Europe with yesterday’s election results. It is less than 24 hours since François Hollande won the presidential election and I can see the clouds gathering already. After a safe campaign, the Right in government for ten years, and a victory in … Read More

Five Lessons from France

May 7, 2012By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

Even Britain’s media which tend to regard elections in third countries other than the United States as exotic irrelevancies had to give some attention to the French campaign which has taken on a continental significance. The first, obvious point is made by the simple question- who said participative democracy is dead? The French campaign has … Read More

For a European Socialist Alternative

February 22, 2012By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, David Martin, Featured, LME News

 Over 50 MEPs and leading figures from progressive parties from across Europe have published a manifesto, calling For a European Socialist Alternative. Full text and initial signatories below Link: The Manifesto: Europeans can now see for themselves the consequences of the right being in power in nearly all member states and calling the shots in Brussels. The … Read More


February 6, 2012By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

Julian Priestley on how a win for the socialists in France could galvanise the Left in Britain and across Europe. The election campaign now well and truly underway in France probably matters more directly to us in Britain than the razzmatazz of the American elections in November (providing of course that the more gruesome Republican … Read More