Letter from Prague

February 2, 2012By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

Tanweer Ali on the latest developments on the EU fiscal compact in Prague Dear All, As you will be aware, earlier this week the Czech Republic joined the UK in not signing the EU fiscal compact. This was a decision made by the Prime Minister, Petr Necas, most likely under pressure from elements within his … Read More

Let’s Avoid Narrow Minded Nationalism & Repeating the Mistakes from the 30ies

November 16, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

Speech by LME Chair David Schoibl at the LME fringe event “Beyond Austerity. Where Next for Social Europe?” at Labour Party Conference on Sunday September 25, 2011 This world is becoming more global. Big changes in communications and media make individuals feel less important, less empowered by the sheer size of the world they see … Read More

A way forward for Labour and Europe

November 15, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

by Julian Priestly Almost any attempt to fill the blank page that is Labour‘s current European policy is welcome, and Douglas Alexander‘s critique of the government’s cackhanded Euroscepticism is well-founded (Our mature patriotism, 14 November). But he makes a mistake if he thinks that a negotiation of a treaty to beef up economic governance in the eurozone … Read More

A Treaty Change is Not a Panacea

November 12, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

By Julian Priestly For certain media commentators, self-appointed spokespersons for the market, our friends outside the EU and some ministers in some EU governments who should know better, the debt crisis currently engulfing the eurozone has an easy solution. The European Central Bank should just step up to the plate and guarantee the solvency of … Read More

EU-Asia relations: trading places; or the importance of being earnest

September 21, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, LME News

Opportunities are ephemeral, vanishing as quickly as they arise when not quickly seized. They are all the more delicate when a number of disparate actors are required to act in concert choreographing interlocking moves across the global stage. Yet there is an emerging opportunity that would improve political relations with China, boost trade with Taiwan … Read More


August 13, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured

It looks as though at about the tenth attempt the Euro zone countries have just about done enough to fend off the wolves, prevent Greece from going under and avert a brushfire spreading throughout the Union’s southern flank which could have brought down the single currency. The crisis is not fully over yet; the new … Read More