Liberating Labour

August 13, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured

So in this year of change another authoritarian, nepotistic, oppressive regime is on the rocks. MPs have taken up the fight for a genuinely free press with a systematic forensic attack on News Corporation’s misdemeanours, and in so doing have struck a blow for parliamentary democracy. That generations of politicians of all parties have been … Read More


August 13, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured

The problem of public participation in decision-making in the EU is now engaging the energies of many pro- Europeans who judge rightly that elections to the European Parliament have not so far succeeded in creating a democratic connection between the public and Europe’s institutions. There is a welter of proposals which is positive; some are … Read More

A Question of Balance

August 9, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles, Featured, LME News

One might be forgiven for thinking that the Shadow cabinet had decided on a boycott of the national broadcaster so rare have been appearances by its members on the airwaves. Of course we know that Labour is still in the throes of its thirty seven policy reviews. It would, indeed, be helpful if the wannabe … Read More

Protection, not protectionism is the answer

May 8, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles

The underlying issues relating to the unofficial strikes in protest against the use of Italian workers at the Total oil refinery in Lincolnshire  need clarity if we are to provide an answer and avoid fear and confusion. First, the outcry is completely understandable if the Italian company that won the tender for work has refused to employ … Read More

Only Europe can safeguard our future

May 7, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles

There are three main reasons why the European Union is a good thing: the idealistic, the pragmatic and the selfish. First, the idealistic: the EU has brought peace and stability to Europe . In a continent where every generation from the fall of the Roman Empire until 1945 went out and fought each other on … Read More

Why EU rules can be a good thing for Britain

May 7, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles

Not all legislation is burdensome to business and sometimes enviromental, social, public health and health & safety concerns over-ride business’ sole concern with profit-maximisation. Individual companies strive to internalise profits and externanlise cost. Legislators legitimately concerned with the common good and the broader public interest strive to get business to re-internalise some of this externalised … Read More

Labour Needs a Proactive European Policy

May 7, 2011By Labour Movement for EuropeArticles

In opposition Labour’s European policy can not restrict itself to seek to exploit the inherent antagonisms on Europe between the coalition partners and also between the Tory mainstream and their more lunatic fringes. Labour needs to be pro-active and clear on which direction of travel it envisages for Europe and how EU level governance will … Read More