House of Lords back votes of 16-18 in EU Referendum

November 19, 2015By LMEArticles

  Led by Labour Peer Eluned Morgan the House of Lords delivered another blow to the Tory Government by voting 293 to 211 in favour of allowing 16-18 year olds a voice in the EU Referendum. The battle now moves to the Commons. A campaign is underway to lobby MPs ahead of this crucial vote. LME … Read More

Jeremy Corbyn backs Labour In Parliamentary Group

November 19, 2015By LMEArticles

  Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said: “I am proud to support Labour’s campaign to keep Britain in Europe. That goes hand in hand with our determination to put a progressive reform agenda for the European Union on the table. “Labour has campaigned to make sure our place in Europe has led to … Read More

Our Interests in Europe

October 12, 2015By LMEArticles

By Catherine Stihler MEP The question the Government have proposed for the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union is: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?” We should continue in our membership, however, to convince the majority of the electorate that “yes” is the correct answer, we must … Read More

A vote for Europe is a vote for hope

October 12, 2015By LMEArticles

By Ivana Bartoletti Today marks the launch of the cross-party campaign for Britain to remain in Europe. Events in the headlines show just how vital this is – the tragedy in Ankara on Saturday, the escalation in the Middle East, the thousands of refugees seeking sanctuary in Europe, the advance of Islamic State … all … Read More

Alan Johnson will headline the LME “Rally for Yes”

September 26, 2015By LMEArticles, LME News

Alan Johnson MP who will be leading Labour’s Yes campaign in the EU referendum will speak at a Labour Movement for Europe event at the party’s conference in Brighton. He will say: “Labour will be campaigning to stay in the European Union – because our values of equality, opportunity and solidarity do not end at … Read More

Jeremy Corbyn on the EU by Richard Corbett

September 16, 2015By LMEArticles

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s comprehensive victory in the Labour leadership election, speculation is rife about his views on the European Union. I, for one, am optimistic that he will make good on the pledge he made during his election campaign: Labour should set out its own clear position to influence negotiations, working with our European allies … Read More

‘Brexit’ and workers’ rights – no case for a ‘no’

September 16, 2015By LMEArticles

Workers’ rights will not be stronger if the UK ends up outside the EU; it risks being a ‘cut-off-your-nose to spite your face’ strategy. By Kristy Hughes As the unions debated Europe at the TUC in Brighton this week, they and Jeremy Corbyn seem to agree on one thing: that David Cameron must not have … Read More

Leadership candidates and the EU – What to they think?

July 30, 2015By LMEArticles, LME News

The Labour Party is a pro-European party and should campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum: that’s the overwhelming view of the candidates for the leadership and deputy leadership who responded to a survey by the Labour Movement for Europe launched earlier this summer. We have had an excellent response from the candidates, with … Read More