Response letter to Owen Jones by Giampi Alhadeff

July 17, 2015By LMEArticles

This letter was written in response to Owen Jones’ Guardian article “The left must put Britain’s EU withdrawal on the agenda” from 14th July 2015. Dear Editor, As someone who lives part of the time in Greece, loves Greece, and whose family comes from there, I find it difficult to recognise the country Owen Jones … Read More

Progressives must retain our pro-EU stance

July 15, 2015By LMEArticles

The Greek deal is a bad one. We really need to understand how serious the situation is. By ‘we’ I mean committed pro-Europeans: people, like me, who strongly believe Britain’s place is at the heart of the European Union. Let us think about what happened in Greece, and how it all started. As Mariana Mazzucato … Read More

Europe’s 3 Referendums by Denis MacShane

July 13, 2015By LMEArticles

Europe has entered its plebiscite era. Fed up with what they see as über control from Brussels, some countries want to use referendums to challenge or change EU rules in order to obtain special treatment. Now it is Greece’s turn. It was an odd referendum as Syriza, the leftist governing party covered Greece with posters … Read More

Europe needs a New Deal

July 7, 2015By LMEArticles

After the Oxi landslide many Greeks are fearful. ‘I am scared. But if we leave Europe we are alone. Turkey, Syria, Russia, the banks are closed and our economy in crisis. What we do?’, one friend asks. It was the young who, overwhelmingly, gave Alexis Tsipiras the Oxi vote he said he needed to drive … Read More

Our questions to Labour Leadership candidates

June 25, 2015By LMEArticles

By Richard Corbett and Neil Kinnock The European Union is changing. The European Union is changing. This is nothing new. We Brits might not be very good at noticing, but the European Union (EU) has always been changing — sometimes gradually, sometimes rapidly. It changes in response to our needs as well as the needs … Read More

Labour relaunches grassroots pro-European movement

June 22, 2015By LMEArticles, Featured, LME News

The Labour Party’s grassroots pro-European organisation relaunches today with a reception and planning meeting in Westminster. The event brings together grassroots members from across the country and senior politicians to unite around making the case for the UK’s continued membership of the European Union, ahead of the forthcoming referendum. The Labour Movement for Europe’s honorary President, … Read More

Warning to the Labour leadership candidates: don’t turn inwards, but look out, to Britain and to the wider world

June 19, 2015By LMEArticles, Featured, Labour MEPs in the News

Open letter from Seb Dance MEP to the Labour leadership candidates Dear Candidates, Despite our recent defeat, Britain needs the Labour Party now more than ever. Our values and our objectives remain central to making Britain better: tackling low pay, insecurity, low productivity, threats to domestic security, job creation, and climate change. All these issues … Read More

EU vote is about what kind of country we want to be

May 15, 2015By LMEArticles, Featured

By Giampi Alhadeff and Rachel Franklin As the harsh reality of last week’s events begin to sink in a period of soul-searching begins. The temptation is to glance inwards and dwell on where we went wrong, the personalities that will shape the future course of the Labour party and how best to pick ourselves back … Read More