Labour Movement for Europe Annual General Meeting and Conference

25th February 2017
ITF House, 49-60 Borough, Road London, SE1 1DR

Register here.


Our Pledge card agreed at the Emergency General Meeting in November, 2016.

Pro-European Community

We would also like to recommend a range of resources provided by other organisations from across the pro-European community:

The European Movement

British Influence advocates a more active role for Britain in global affairs. Their Information Hub provides a succinct overview of EU membership across a range of themes and issues

The Centre for European Reform is the UK’s leading think tank on EU reform and provides a wonderful resource for a more detailed analysis of the EU. Click here to read more

The European Parliamentary Labour Party is the Labour Party’s voice in the European Parliament. For more information on Labour MEPs and their work click here

InFacts is a journalistic enterprise making the fact­based case for Britain to remain in the European Union. It is founded by a group of editors who believe it is in our interest to stay in the EU despite its imperfections. Read more here

Pro Europa campaigns across a broad platform for the UK to engage positively with the EU. Read their 12 reasons for Britain to remain in the EU here

Scientists for EU is a campaign by UK scientists to keep the UK in the EU. Find out more about their campaign here

The Senior European Experts is an independent group of former British diplomats, including several former EU ambassadors, that provides clear and concise analysis on Britain’s membership of the EU. You can access all their briefings here

Universities for Europe is a coalition led by Universities UK that campaigns to keep the UK in the EU on behalf of universities up and down the country. Click here for some fascinating facts, stats and infographics about what EU membership means to universities across the UK