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E ating in the Lake District, which I do a great deal, always involves a certain level of struggle. Staffing issues and brief opening hours are normal, while all the delicious, sanely priced places are booked up six months in advance by the control freaks in every Lake District Weekend Woo-Hoo!

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You know that moment when you ask your partner what he's really thinking about? And he responds with a casual "Oh, nothing," but you know there's something else going on in his brain?

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There are some things men just don't want to share, but a bunch of guys opened up in a recent Reddit thread and answered the critical question: "What secrets do men not want women to know? But be warned: Some are kinda gross.

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And, yes, every time you bring him up it makes me want to kick you out the damn car. You may not realize, but I can tell you that without even blinking he would have sex with you despite being in a long-term relationship.

Sorry to break that news to you. It's bullshit, but a lot of us were told our whole lives that our emotions were bad and to repress that shit in a toxic way.

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Any compliment we get, even if we answer with a grunt, will be cherished until the day we die. What it means is he was thinking about silly, stupid shit that he doesn't want to try to explain without sounding like a moron. Like, 'who would in a fight between Batman and Spider-Man?

Would they even fight at all, though?

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Spider-Man is more of a small-time crimefighter while Batman tends to go after supervillians. Or that we do at all. Not with any interest or intent to cheat, and certainly not because we're unhappy. Most of us carry some level of insecurity about it.

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Usually, there is a lot going on in a day and silence is my decompression time, and I'll find it wherever I can. Pooping, any toilet time, sitting in the car a little bit, long showers, waiting before I drive somewhere.

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It really isn't you, I promise. As soon as you're gone, the party begins.

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Cue video games, action movies, fast food, and whatever the hell else I want. Masturbation will also inevitably occur somewhere in between and is not limited to one single session. We do not have the same taste in women.

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Just because you as a girl think some other girl is hot or you have a guy friend that thinks she is, does not mean I think she is! Answers have been lightly edited for spelling and grammar. Type keyword s to search.

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