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There are open throuples, where sex with people outside of the throuple is permitted to varying degrees. Lastly, there are polyamorous throuples, where the three people are in a relationship with one another, proudly calling the two other folks their partners, but they also have additional partners outside the throuple.

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There are so many ways to be intimate — platonically, spiritually, romantically. So, why limit yourself to just one person? While it 3 people relationship definitely be intimidating to deviate from social norms, practicing consensual nonmonogamy — maybe in a throuple — can be fulfilling, liberating, and fun. Below, we explain how throuples work, how they relate to polyamorywhat it feels like to be in a throuple, and advice on how to make it work. Like any relationship, the de and parameters are determined by the people in it.

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Quick recap: Brandi told everyone that she and Denise had an affairand Denise has repeatedly denied that anything romantic happened between them. Then, Brandi pushed things a bit: She told Denise and her husband, Aaron Phypersthat she wants to be in a throuple with them.

In a preview for the newest episode, Brandi calls Denise and Aaron "codependent-ish" before saying, "I want to be in a throuple with you guys. In the show, incumbent state senator Dede Standish is in a throuple, so aspiring U. Cue the drama.

As you may have guessed, a throuple is a romantic relationship between three people. You heard it from her.

First things first, a 3 people relationship clarification on exactly what a throuple is and is not Thanks to the recent increase in visibility of the entire sexual spectrum hooray! Throuples can be made up of people of any gender identity and any sexual orientation who choose to be together, Spector says. Love is love, right? That said, Spector says that most of the the throuples she's seen involve a married couple or long-term twosome who choose to add a third person—typically a man and woman who then bring in another woman.

2. a throuple doesn't have any "formula," aside from involving three people.

Some consider themselves straight; others call themselves bisexual. Psst, sexuality is fluid in Hollywood too. See who's spoken up about their attractions:. She also sees throuples made up of people who don't conform to any gender, folks who consider themselves pansexualand those who identify as entirely homosexual.

But labels aren't important, she notes. Sometimes a throuple begins as a purely sexual pursuit, to spice up a twosome, and then evolves into its own relationship with mutual feelings among the three parties. Which has definite benefits, Spector says: When you have a third person involved, chances are you'll expose yourself and your original partner to qualities that both of you may want but can't offer each other.

A third 3 people relationship can also serve as a buffer or mediator when scuffles come up between the other two, Spector adds.

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All that could make for a much more satisfying relationship. Because just like couples, throuples love each other, elevate each other, argue, have sex, live together, and—yep—may even have children.

The dynamics within a throuple can differ drastically from a typical duo. First, there's the jealousy part, a potential side effect of a three-way relationship if one person feels like there's an uneven split of attention or commitment. The best way to avoid this is to have everyone voice their needs and concerns at the start of the relationship—and be honest if and when those needs and concerns change, says Spector.

Second, when it comes to conflict, having a third person in a relationship leaves room for taking sides—an unhealthy tactic that can put the bond on shaky ground, Spector explains. That can be avoided if each party can master the aforementioned mediator role.

Like in any relationship, a throuple requires tons of communication so that everyone feels heard and no one feels left out. Entering throuple-hood can enrich your romantic life if everyone shares similar interests, values, and ideals, Spector says, but make sure you can handle coupledom before bringing in a third person.

Brandi glanville wants to be in a throuple with denise richards and aaron phypers, but what is that exactly?

If you feel like you're fully ready and wanting to add a third, Spector suggests letting your current partner know by gauging their interest. How would you feel about having X us and becoming a throuple? As long as they're on board—and all three of you are willing to put in the work—go ahead and get that party started.

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Richard Drury Getty Images. A throuple isn't the same as an open relationship.

How did you end up in a throuple?

A throuple is: A balanced, consensual, and committed relationship between three partners A throuple is NOT: An opportunity to be in a relationship and have sex with 3 people relationship who are not their partner A threesome, or merely sex between three people Thanks to the recent increase in visibility of the entire sexual spectrum hooray!

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