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Closely comparable to its rival Marksman weapon, the G7 Scout, the is a reliable and powerful poking device over long ranges, and comes with the unique ability to charge shots by holding for greater damage.

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Apex Legends introduced the new Repeater Rifle to the loot pool in Season 8, and it can be a seriously effective weapon if you use it right. 30 30 repeater rifle the Repeater, we have a gun that is perfect for the mid-range. If you play your cards right, this could be an ideal weapon for you, but it all depends on your approach. For more Apex Legends Season 8 tips and tricks check out our guides below: Repeater guide All legend buffs and nerfs All weapon buffs and nerfs Fuse guide What is in the Season 8 battle pass? This is one of the fundamentals, though having a larger mag capacity is very important for the Repeater.

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Weapon pairings

The is a heavy ammo lever-action repeater rifle. Apex Legends treats it as an assault rifle, and this gives it access to a series of accessories—including stocks, magazines, and an assortment of sights that offer up to x4 magnification.

This compatibility is essential to its role as a mid to long-range weapon. Firing the unleashes heavy rounds, but aiming down sights will fill up a charge bar that increases the damage of the next shot. It takes about a second to charge fully, but the damage increase is proportional to its charge.

Normal shots hit for 42 damage on bodyshots before any multipliers, but landing a hehot boosts that to Its attachments—which can offer up to x4 magnification—help players project precise damage over long distances. Players need to rechamber each round individually, like the Mastiff.

Doing so can take a lengthy amount of time, especially with a purple magazine. The return of the Anvil Receiver can help shake up mid to long-range encounters and generate a few alternatives to the The hop-up is compatible with the R and the Flatline and increases their single-fire damage at the expense of fire rate and increased ammo consumption.

The new hop-up can create a somewhat level playing field for all of those weapons, so players with a should know what they could be up against.

The is up against four assault rifles that can occupy the mid to long-range combat role, with the addition of the Longbow DMR as a possible alternative. The Anvil Receiver greatly increases the power of the and Flatline and brings their damage closer to the when in single-fire, while the G7 Scout also has the potential to unleash a series of rapid-fire shots. The can out damage those weapons, however, thanks to its charged shots—as long as players have the time to aim down sights first.

Moreover, taking the to a close-quarters fight can also come with its disadvantages. Pairing the repeater with a G7 is redundant, since the scout rifle plays in the same mid to long-range space as the The loss of the Double Tap Trigger hop-up in season eight harms this weapon even further.

30 30 winchester lever action

Coupling the with other heavy weapons brings in the problem of having to share both attachments and ammunition. In spite of that, some of them could make interesting pairings with the repeater.

The Wingman could serve as a good close-range weapon thanks to its hard-hitting rounds and increased rate of fire, and the Quickdraw Holster hop-up adds an extra bit of utility and handling to the weapon. The Volt is the most immediate energy pairing with the thanks to its fast rate of fire, but both the Devotion and the Havoc can be a deadly choice, especially with the Turbocharger hop-up.

Breakdown: the repeater

In addition, the Volt SMG received a nerf in the season eight patch, which dropped its damage to 15 per shot down from Pairing a with a sniper rifle could be redundant, since the weapons fulfill similar niches and snipers have more ways to dominate in that space such as more firepower and better scopes. Using the repeater rifle alongside a Triple Take, however, is an unorthodox combination that offers some good close-range combat options thanks to its shotgun-esque spread and also grants access to scopes with higher magnifications for the very long-range scenarios.

In that category, the two most viable options are the Mastiff and the EVA-8, and choosing between them is largely up to player preference—although the EVA-8 lost the capacity to use the Double Tap Trigger after Respawn removed the hop-up from the spawn pool. Lastly, for care package weapons, players should opt between the Prowler SMG and the Peacekeeper—and both do an excellent job in close range. If a Kraber spawns, however, players could decide to use it as a primary and have the to fall back on.

Apex legends repeater stats [season 9]: damage, handling, and more

Its sheer firepower makes picking up a Kraber tempting, but it may be best to ditch the for it instead. Image via Respawn Entertainment.

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