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Bbbw baby hunting 8 signs youre dating a psychopath male for sex

So there is always a chance you may run into one or even find yourself in a relationship with one of them.

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The man of her dreams turned out to be an emotionally abusive con artist, and she doesn't want that to happen to you. But I do have some firsthand experience dating, and almost marrying, a sociopath.

1. they are very charismatic

We met on Tinder. In our whirlwind romance, I was pregnant within a year, engaged, and house shopping, yet my life was far from a fairytale. It took me almost two years to stop buying into the lies, and to realize that pretty much my entire relationship was built on falsehoods. If you believe the statistics, 3. Here are the s to look out for that I wish I had paid more attention to.

Sociopaths are usually extremely self-assured and charismatic. They truly believe that they are better looking and more talented, and thus entitled to anything and everything life has to offer.

I would watch him interact with perfect strangers, and within minutes they would want to exchange s, or sit and bask in his presence. That kind of extreme confidence is seductive. On your second date with a sociopath, they could be already talking marriage. In a few weeks, they might be suggesting you move in together.

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Within a month, they could be professing their undying love and dreams for your shared future. They paint the perfect, movie-quality picture of what life could be with them, and you soak up every delicious fantasy. My man treated our relationship like a puzzle, and he changed the pieces of himself until they fit what I was looking for. In retrospect, I think he just needed a place to stay, and three meals a day—but he also needed me to drop my guard and open my wallet. Sociopaths lie as easily as they breathe.

My ex was a master wordsmith and actor.

2. they are pathological liars

I would need a thousand s to go into every falsehood he uttered, but here is a perfect example. When we had been dating for seven months, a woman contacted me via with a short note and screenshots of text messages of their conversations and photos of them together and of his dog.

Guess who I believed? He already had the perfect excuses that explained and negated her claims.

Deep down, I knew that she was telling the truth The deeper I fell into love and into our relationship, the farther I was pulled from other close relationships. Sociopaths are paranoid. You belong to them. Whenever my ex wanted something from me, he would use some sob story to get what he desired. He played my heartstrings with expertise, and before I knew it, I was paying all the bills so he had time to study Any time I would question his lack of motivation, he would verbally abuse me, which brings me to my next warning .

Top 10 s you're dating a sociopath

The one emotion sociopaths do feel is anger—or more often than not, rage. And from my experience, they enjoy the release.

Yes, I will have sex anytime you want. Yes, I will stay up all night talking to you when I am exhausted.

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Yes, I will eat at that restaurant even though nothing on the menu looks appealing. I was taught to watch his facial expressions and moods and stay in line unless I wanted to be screamed at for hours, even though I was paying all the bills. You know how you watch a video on YouTube of someone falling off a bike and getting hurt, and you cringe? Ouch, they broke their arm!

Poor thing! You see, a sociopath probably thought that very same video was funny.

Nothing scared my ex, no matter how dark or twisted the horror movie, or how convoluted the contents. I remember clearly a video he showed me on a foreign website that bordered on child abuse, and he thought it was hilarious.

The look of bafflement on his face when I burst into tears still leaves a stain on my conscience. Sociopaths are reckless; they are not one to turn down a dare or play by the rules. They think that nothing will ever happen to them, so they risk big.

That was one of the many times he had no regard for rules or safety. If my experience with a sociopath scared you, good. It is a beautiful but dangerous world out there, and we have to guard our hearts with a calculated ferocity. I have no regrets about my experience because of the beautiful child playing beside me. My relationship with my son's father started off incredible, and then turned into some of the darkest moment of my life.

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