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Upside : SugarDVD has a huge movie selection and a sex toy store.

Discreet billing and shipping, multiple distribution centers. Trial Offer Terms : You get a 10 day free trial on either the standard 2 movie or Supreme 3 movie plans. Upside : Guaranteed 2-day return, high volume plans, refund if not satisfied, and a 2 week free trial offer.

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Trial Offer Terms : The first 14 days of your membership are free and can cancel at anytime. You can choose any of their plans as your trial plan.

Offer is only for first time members. Upside : WantedList has huge selection, great interface.

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Having two shipping centers means that your movies should arrive fast if you are on the east or west coast as well in the Midwest. Downside : The trial period is kind of short, but it should be enough to introduce you to their system and wide movie selection as well as show you how quickly their shipping can be.

Other than that, WantedList is highly recommended and we cannot really complain. Trial Offer Terms : You get the first 10 days of your membership for free and can cancel at anytime. Offer is for first time members only. Overall Rating : - - Read Full Review. Upside : 10 day free trial, video on demand VOD and a slick mouseover interface for easy, quick. Upside : Large selection, friendly interface, and some of the best pricing models in the industry.

Downside : Questionable business tactics. Shipping is not discreet.

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Overall Rating : - Read Full Review. The graph below will show thevarious adult DVD rental companies as well as an easy way to compare them based on our rating, price, titles, and shipping charges. SugarInstant Most Popular!

Wanted List. Movixo Not Recommended. Preferred Lite.

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