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The lovable English Bulldog condensed into a smaller package, this breed is an alluring concept to many! For dogs, this means that puppies generally get a whole lot more squealing and pats than their adult counterparts!

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The Miniature English bulldog, being born of registered English parents, was developed in the s in the USA by experienced breeders for want of a small-sized healthy bulldog for apartments. They are characterized by a low-slung body, broad shoulders, deep chest and rounded ribs. This loyal, affectionate breed is extrovert and sociable, a great companion for children, always desiring attention.

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Last Updated on July 29th, The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 12 years.

Mini bulldog – a tiny version of a classic breed

As mentioned above a full-grown Mini English Bulldog still weighs between 25 — 40 pounds 11 — Adult mini english bulldog kg. Carrying them around all day would be a serious workout. Males reach up to 11 to 14 inches 27 — This breed looks like your standard English Bulldog, with a deep chest, rounded ribs, broad shoulders, and short snout. The only notable physical difference is size. The average English Bulldog height is 16 inches 40 cm maximum and a weight of 55 pounds 25 kg maximum.

Back in the s, breeders crossed a Pug and an English Bulldog to create this deer dog mix. They wanted to de literally a healthier English Bulldog …but were they successful? I can tell you right now from my experience that this parent breed comes with a lot of health issues. Both the Pug and English Bulldog have ancient histories with royal families.

Pugs were favored by the Chinese, specifically the Shang dynasty, who ruled from to BC. English Bulldogs were praised by… the English! What a surprise! A common mistake people make when shopping for a Bulldog is confusing an American one for an English one — or even a French one! The American Bulldog resembles the Pitbull Terrier in many ways.

Out of all the Bulldog breeds, the American is the largest at a maximum of pounds 59 kg and a height of 28 inches 71 cm. The smallest Bulldog is the Frenchie.

The one thing all Bulldogs have in common is their friendliness and need for positive attention. Even Bulldog mixes like the Beabull and the Valley Bulldog are huge sweethearts, especially with .

The Teacup Bulldog was primarily bred to be an excellent companion. As I mentioned briefly before, the Pug and the English Bulldog are both prone to many health issues thanks to their snout and wrinkles.

The most obvious issue for Pugs and English Bulldogs is respiratory. English Bulldogs are prone to overheating so keep your dog indoors in the summercherry eye eyelid issuehip dysplasia, and t injuries.

Pugs have very similar health concerns. With that, we can deduce that a Toy Bulldog could experience one or all of those concerns.

Miniature english bulldog

Be prepared to spend a lot of money on vet visits, especially in their old age. The good news is that a healthy Mini Bulldog can live up to 12 years! You will never be lonely with this breed by your side.

The temperament of an English Bulldog is docile, friendly, and willful. The personality of a Pug is also docile, clever, charming, and social. They do carry a stubborn side, too.

Combining these traits makes for a very outgoing and sweet Mini English Bulldog. Overall, the Toy Bulldog is a great family pet. When it comes to noise, the Bull-Pug has two levels. They hardly ever bark…but they snore like crazy! Consider sleeping with your dog in the other room. This breed sheds moderately and is not hypoallergenic. The Mini Bulldog can adapt to any size homefrom a small apartment to an echoing mansion. Miniature English Bulldog vs.

The miniature english bulldog: here’s everything you want to know

English Bulldog — which breed is stronger? Watch the video below to see who wins the toy fight! It would much rather sleep all day than run. Puppies are more active than adultsbut Teacup Bulldogs of all ages are happy with a short walk twice a day. This chunky dog eats more than your typical small breed.

Puppies need cups each day. And the lack of exercise only makes things worse. Pugs are included in the list of top hardest breeds to house trainso you may have some wet carpet stains around your home for a while. The sit, stay, and roll over commands will take some time with the Toy Bulldog.

Most dogs learn best when there are treats and positive reinforcement involved. If your Toy Bulldog is not trained properly, it could try to be the alpha. The Teacup Bulldog is a complex breed with lots of pros and cons. With its fragile health conditions, this dog cannot be left alone for hours on end. It needs a responsible owner with enough money to take care of any health issues right away. Otherwise, it may suffer.

These breeders typically focus all their time and energy on raising healthy dogsso it may be worth it in the long-run. It could save you future vet visits. That being said, you can find cheaper options out there. It has very specific needs that require a specific owner. This is not the pup for you. I was raised to be a dog person.

Mini bulldog: [4 things] to know about miniature bulldogs

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