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For those inexperienced with baby tortoise for salewe do recommend the well-started baby Sulcata tortoise for sale, as they are much easier to care for and substantially more active. Sulcata Tortoises can make great tortoises and are known for their outgoing personalities and friendly nature.

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We have captive-bred Sulcata tortoises in a variety of sizes for sale at incredibly low prices. The third largest tortoise in the world, this African reptile attains a large size and is an extremely popular pet reptile. They have wonderful personalities and thrive in captivity. We have several sizes available.

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Sulcatas get very large, you will need a lot of apace when they are adults. They are the third largest tortoise in the world. Growth rates of sulcatas are probably more variable than any other tortoise. You can have a inch tortoise that is 3 years old or 10 years old. Many adult sulcata tortoises break the pound mark within 8 years, so plan accordingly. Native to North and Central Africa, they thrive in warmer climates within the southern states of the United States. Shipping is overnight. Shipping will be added to your order at checkout.


Sulcatas are from hot, arid regions of the Sahara desert in North Africa. The carapace is sandy-tan to yellow in color.

Each scute is outlined by brown growth rings. The plastron is light tan to yellow in color with no markings. The golden to yellow-brown skin of African Sulcata Tortoises is very thick and the legs are covered in dull, overlapping spine-like scales. Please do your research into this species of tortoise before you buy one.

Not only do these tortoises grow very large, they grow very rapidly; up to two and a half feet long. A male sulcata has the potential to grow to lbs, females can get to lbs but are usually 60 to 80lbs and they DO NOT hibernate. They can be kept indoors African sulcata for sale they are very young, but as they get bigger, it is pretty hard to contain them indoors. And they do grow fast.

African sulcata tortoise – geographic range

When they are adults it is best if they are set up outside with access to a heated shed for cold weather. Starting life off as tiny, adorable, and extremely personable eating machines, Sulcatas are loved by many and usually their first tortoise. Beth — May 12, I love our Sulcata from Randy. He arrived healthy and active.

He spends a lot of his day exploring his area, sunning and eating. He is friendly too.

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It shows that Randy takes great pride in raising tortoises. Mandy verified owner — June 8, Wonderful experience from start to finish. Even waited to send because I was on vacation. He arrived alert and was busy eating the very next day. Tia verified owner — July 22, I love him!!! He was active and ready to eat when he arrived, alittle shy at first but then started exploring the terrarium. Nathanael Carter verified owner — July 24, Noelle M. Absolutely in love! Tanna S. I unfortunately had a bad African sulcata for sale with a past breeder and received a sick animal.

However, tortstork has been so wonderful and gave me the best little tortoise I could ask for! I even got to pick her out.

Heide S. Serria P. Thank you tortstork! Anonymous verified owner — August 28, Very healthy tortoise delivered. Delivery was quickpackaged well. I definitely would buy from here again.

Anonymous verified owner — September 2, Miguel Angel Garcia verified owner — September 3, I ordered 2 Sulcatas they were well packed and Fast deliveredarrived healthy and right away started eatingof course after their initial water soak. Jeffery W Kistler verified owner — September 4, The tortstork is awsome.

I bought 2 babies from him. They arrived healthy and happy. Very pleased!!!

Sulcata tortoise

Rebecca verified owner — October 1, Linnea Soriano verified owner — October 3, Ann T. I had a great experience from start to finish. I received a healthy baby and boy could he eat! He was very active and alert. Will do business again soon! Garrett Gahn verified owner — October 7, Got the little one fast. He looks like he liked his little Mobil home. Let him out and he walked African sulcata for sale seems happy. Campbell M. Such great customer service!

It was so easy to communicate, ask questions and ensure delivery time. Dream come true! Renee M. Demetrio M. Tortstork is great! My Sulcatas are doing really well right now and Randy answered all my questions thank you so much! Abby Crooks verified owner — October 24, Shipping was awesome and very fast. But now since I have received the tortoise I can not them to answer any of my questions. Justin N. Addie verified owner — April 28, So happy with the purchase of our Sulcatas. They shipped the same day and arrived the next morning.

Full of life and ready to eat!

Will buy from here again! Thank you! Thomas verified owner — April 29, Great place to order a tortoise!

Tortoise was packed safe and sound and came in nice and healthy! Had a slight issue with my local FedEx but tortstork was on the ball and helped me track and receive my tortoise! They Answered every I sent and kept checking in until my tortoise was received! Great service and great tortoises!

Tortoise diet & food

Dorothy O. Great service! Got our lil baby sulcata for our 3yr olds birthday. He loves his new friend.