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Most couples acknowledge that if you work at it, with some give and take, lots of patience and understanding, marriage can be a rewarding and fulfilling life-long partnership. But many days it can be tough going. And if you are married to an alcoholic, it can make things even tougher, intruding on the relationship and maybe even leading to divorce.

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Alcoholism is a serious, traumatic problem for families and for couples. Being married to someone who is an alcoholic can lead the other spouse to feel hopeless, depressed and alone.

It can even turn into a situation where there is a cycle of abuse, particularly if the spouse abusing alcohol is prone to violence when drinking or experiences blackouts. Alcoholism is one of the leading reasons people give for divorce in the U. Alcoholism can diminish relationships to the point where they can no longer be salvaged.

It can turn someone from the spouse you once loved to a virtual stranger. Alcoholism impacts a marriage in so many ways, from the fact that people with substance abuse problems tend to tell lies and be secretive to cover their drinking, Alcoholic wife divorce the fact that it can be difficult for alcoholics to focus their attention outside of themselves in many cases.

Marriage and substance abuse of any kind can be complicated, but the following is an overview that explains if alcoholism is grounds for divorce or annulment. All states allow for no-fault divorce grounds. There are many states where you can also file for divorce based on fault including New York and Texas. Any of reasons could indicate an at-fault divorce such as adultery, and also drug or alcohol abuse. So the short answer is yes, in states where there are at-fault divorces, alcoholism is grounds for divorce.

If you live in a state like California where there is no option aside from a no-fault divorce filing, there is still the opportunity to show evidence your spouse was an alcoholic if it pertains to other issues related to the divorce, including child custody. Unless there are situations such as car accidents and hospital visits related to alcoholism, it can turn into he-said-she-said.

When it comes to not just alcoholism as grounds for divorce, but the dividing of assets, substance abuse may or may not be considered. If one parent is an alcoholic Alcoholic wife divorce suffers from a substance abuse problem, winning child custody becomes more difficult. If it is shown that a parent is an alcoholic or has a substance abuse problem, they may be required to have only supervised visits, or to receive treatment for their addiction.

Is Alcoholism Grounds For Annulment? So is alcoholism grounds for annulment? An annulment is different from a divorce in the fact that it approaches the situation as if the marriage never happened. One of the reasons a person may obtain a civil annulment can include fraud or concealing something.

Divorcing an alcoholic wife in new jersey | micklin law group

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What to Pack for Rehab? Why is Accreditation Important? Don't wait another day. Help is a phone call away. Article at a Glance: Alcoholism is one of the top reasons why people seek a divorce. Yes, alcoholism can be grounds for a divorce in states where at-fault divorces are legal, such as New York and Texas.

What you should know about divorcing an alcoholic

Even in states like California where there is no at-fault divorce filing, alcoholism can affect divorce-related rulings, such as child custody. Alcoholism is not generally grounds for an annulment, but it can affect child custody.

Winning custody battle is very difficult as a parent who suffers from a substance abuse problem. Is Alcoholism Grounds For Divorce?

How to divorce an alcoholic partner while taking care of yourself

Why Alcoholics Lie. How to Stage an Intervention. Alcoholism and Child Custody. While alcoholism as grounds for divorce is tricky and not often the best legal route to take when divorcing someone with a substance abuse problem, child custody may be a different situation.

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Addiction and property division and spousal support

What Causes Someone to Become an Alcoholic? See also Understand the 5 Types of Alcoholics. Dealing with the Issues of a High-Functioning Alcoholic. Speak to an Intake Coordinator now. What Is a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

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Advice for woman deciding to divorce an alcoholic

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