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They want desperately to perceive a vast gulf between man and the rest of creation. This mythology of human superiority justifies their doing whatever they please with the world, just the way Hitler's mythology of Aryan superiority justified his doing whatever he pleased with Europe. But in the end this mythology is not deeply satisfying.

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August Vol. Transcribed by lhn; digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society. Born near Elizabeth, N. He was then apprenticed to an uncle in Germantown to learn bricklaying and plastering.

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In the spring ofafter a disagreement with his uncle, young Clark set out to see something of frontier life. After working at St. Louis a short time he went by steamboat up the Mississippi to St. Anthony's Falls present Am bw Goodwater sought, Minn. Returning to St. Louis he worked till fall, then took passage for New Orleans and spent the winter working on a plantation.

Once more in Cincinnati in the spring ofhe settled down to master his trade. On January 30,he married his cousin Margaret Allen. In he entered the coal business but sold out in the spring of The gold rush to California was then at its height. Clark and a neighbor, Capt.

Andrew Brown, formed a partnership early in with the idea of conducting an overland expedition to Sacramento. They advertised for passengers and immediately booked twenty at one hundred dollars a head. Godfrey C. These, with Clark, Brown and Ingrim for fifteen of the party. In the journal under date of May 7, Clark states: "We are twenty persons inmostly young men, and all from Cincinnati except two Canadians who ed the company while coming up the river.

This man ed us at St. They had unusually good luck, for Clark in his last entry says "we Am bw Goodwater sought every man and every horse and mule safely through the long and tiresome journey. Clark's family remained in Ohio during the five years he spent in California. Prospecting, which he and his partner tried for a few Weeks, did not bring the hoped-for wealth.

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The rush of gold-seekers, however, created a housing and business boom and Clark superintended the construction of a of buildings in Placerville, Cal. He helped to rebuild Placerville after a destructive fire in Much of the money he earned as a contractor went into unlucky mining operations. A ranch which he and Godfrey C. Ingrim had started in Bear valley in failed after a few years, and in the latter part of Clark decided to return to Ohio.

The journey this time was by the ocean route and across the Isthmus of Panama. Shortly after returning to Cincinnati Clark brought his family to Kansas. About the family removed to a farm in Goshen township, Clay county. Here Clark served as the Fancy Creek postmaster for the last decade of his life. He died December 26,aged nearly eighty-eight years.

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The 22d of April,the day of my departure from Cincinnati for the "golden land," found me on board a St. Louis steamer. More than all this, I was leaving all that was near and dear to me for a "wild goose chase" overland to the shores of the great Pacific.

It was not without some little regret that I parted from the shores of the Queen City and left my future fortune to fate, and this thought troubled me some: "If a man cannot make money in this new and fertile country where can he expect to woo the fickle goddess with success.

Those and kindred thoughts troubled me some, but with as stout a heart as I could muster I choked them down and resolved upon doing the best that in me lay towards accomplishing the fulfillment of my long dream.

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Smoothly and pleasantly did our good boat glide down the beautiful Ohio, passing fine farms and happy homes, children at play upon its green banks looking happy and contented. I had Am bw Goodwater sought been up and down the river, but on this trip everything looked more interesting than usual. It was my last trip for years-it might be my last; some accident by flood or field might overtake me. Four years, my expected absence, was a long time; and what changes might occur in the affairs of life during that time; and of what importance they might be to me were questions for which I had no answer.

Yet hope, that bright particular star of my existence, shone brightly upon my pathway, promising to lead the way to the El Dorado where man could realize the dreams his fancy had so often painted.

Nothing of importance occurred on this, our first day's travel. Stopped at Louisville a few minutes and at sundown passed over the falls. We were now fairly on our journey. I sought my berth to sleep and perhaps to dream of my lonely wife and children I had left behind. April After breakfast while walking on the deck my attention was called to a suit of clothes without an owner.

No one could solve the mystery. Hat, boots, coat, pantaloons and pipe lay there.

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The mystery remained unsolved and the incident was soon forgotten. The change from the Ohio to the "father of waters" is always interesting, new scenery breaking the dull monotony of steamboat travel for awhile.

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But it soon gets to be on this river the same old story of snags and sand bars, a wilderness of woods and low lands. A near approach to St. Louis, however, brings the high lands and hilly country to view. The Mississippi between the mouth of the Ohio and St. Louis is a very rapid and dangerous stream.

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The covers were thrown overboard and the fire soon extinguished. There is always a lively time on board when a fire takes place. Made the port of St. Louis today.

How or in what manner a person was to make his way through such a medley was not easily explained. His only chance is to "jump in"; he will no doubt "turn up" somewhere. After a hard day's work amid rain and mud we had transferred our goods and chattels from the good steamer G. Sparhawk to Clipper No.

We were happy in being among the first to engage our passage on this steamer, for by so doing we received good rooms which we could not have done a few hours later.

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Here we began to see the rush for California; a string of adventurers like ourselves came thronging on board until every hole and corner in this spacious steamer was full to overflowing. Louis is a marvel of activity and since my last visit a few years ago has grown beyond all expectations, and with the great west behind it will no doubt continue to grow until our own Queen City Cincinnati will be left far behind in the race for commercial importance. We were loaded yesterday, but a steamboat, like an omnibus, is never full.

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Sundown and we are off, and glad of it. We travelers are generally in a hurry. I had never before traveled on this river. Everything was new and strange; the low lands and dark, dismal forest had but little charm to engage the passenger's attention, and if he took the river into consideration a more unpleasant scene would be hard to contemplate. Driftwood, snags, sand bars and the muddy, troubled water made up a picture long to be remembered by those who for the first time sailed upon this great river.

There is a sameness of travel on this river I never before experienced; once in awhile we are stuck on a sand bar; and then again we are hard on an old snag that takes a good deal of hard work and some swearing to part company with. May 1. Snags, sand bars and the ragged shore were all that presented themselves for our consideration. May 2.