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You might be asking yourself what is Tinder etiquette for Mormons? Are there differences? So lets just say we got some interesting pick up lines. The cheesier the better?

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in. A new trend seems apparent today among Mormon teens and young adults. The act is like a hook-up but for people not wanting to go all the way. A Mormon commandment against sex before marriage For humans, physical intimacy is something desirable, and with a NCMO a person is able to fulfill these desires with no commitment to hold him back.

So in essence a person could have multiple NCMOs in a night and leave unbound because he is not committed to any of those who he has made out with.

What do ncmos really mean?

To me this idea seems flawed. The purpose of a kiss, or even more a make-out is to show affection.

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Affection is a gentle feeling of fondness or liking, so when we make out, we should be showing the person we like them, or we feel something for them. Is it possible to make out with someone with no commitment? By having a NCMO are we being dishonest to ourselves and others? I have a roommate who participated in a NCMO.

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The girl was a person that he met through another friend. They had probably known each other for a couple weeks and during those weeks they had spoken to each other very little. One night he came home and told me that he made out with this girl.

We ended up talking more about it later.

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I asked him why he did it. The only reason is really for pleasure of the moment.

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I then asked if he regretted doing it. He said he did regret it. Using this example we can think of the message they sent each other. Maybe she thought the make out meant more than he thought, or maybe she even regrets it as he does. They have not spoken since it happened and I doubt they plan on it either. So really there was no obvious damage made, except the regret that was felt.

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But was my friend being honest when he did this? For me I have a little different story. It was a perfect opportunity to get some action you could say. There was one girl who was usually my primary target. She was pretty and she was usually down to make out when I wanted.

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My feelings have changed though over the years. It may be because now I am actually wanting to get married and that requires a lot more commitment than just making out. I have also realized that the message I was sending her was dishonest. The fact that I kissed her showed her that I wanted more than the friendship that we had. John brings up the argument of being honest once again. Or are we just saying I want to use you to satisfy my sexual desires. With a NCMO it is safe to say that we convey the second message.

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Talking with many of my friends I have come to a conclusion that NCMOs are more of a high school thing. Now let me explain why.

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In high school or even Jr. High most kids are not looking for a serious relationship and they are definitely not looking to get married. They are not looking for a committed relationship to be a part of. However, this attitude changes for most people after high school.

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The next step is marriage, and more committed relationships. If you are looking to have these kind of relationships NCMOs are just a damage to them. Marriage takes a lot of commitment. A lot goes into a marriage that is not physical. NCMOs are just a way to damage that bond and really lead to lower commitment when the time comes.

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I also asked my friends to describe NCMOs and here are some of the replies: one friend said NCMOs show a lack of self-control, another said it is just the carnal man trying to gain pleasure, and a final one said that girls always think more of them than the guys do, even if they do not like the guy, it still plays with their emotions.

We can see that kisses are meaningful because they have an emotional impact, and when you take try to take away the commitment it is often harmful. In conclusion, NCMOs are not the way to go. When we are young we may like to have our fun but as we grow older and get into these relationships that require a high level of honesty, commitment, and dedication, it is better for us to have practiced that throughout our lives so we may know best how to have a stronger relationship. We are trying to be honest in all that we do and with NCMOs there is hardly ever an honest message conveyed.

Especially to the girl that I marry. It will be as if she is getting Any real girls for a ncmo that everyone else has gotten. Get started.

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