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Looking to enjoy the outdoors this winter but aren't enamored with high-intensity winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding that can be hard on your ts? We've got five reasons why you should follow your curiosity and give snowshoeing a try this season. There are so many beautiful trails around the Pacific Northwest, but they can get so crowded during summer months.

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This is where you will find the Red interpretive trail nestled along the east branch of Twelve Mile Creek. Keep your ears open for calls of the pileated woodpecker. Bear Paw Trail is the newest trail built for the snowshoeing enthusiast. The 2.

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Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to get outside and enjoy the beauty of winter. But as a beginner, it can be hard to know where to start. Learn snowshoeing tips for getting started, so your adventure is more than just a refreshing plunge in the snow. This post is a long, comprehensive article divided into multiple sections. Use the table of contents below to navigate to specific information.

Snowshoeing can be an excellent escape to nature. Photo: Paul Wowk. Once the snowshoes are strapped to your feet, you can walk in your natural stride. Also, review the techniques that are helpful when navigating different terrain.

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Individuals of any age and ability can participate in the sport since your outing can be tailored to match your own interests and fitness levels. Snowshoe outings can include a leisurely walk in the park, a casual outing to explore nature, or a steep and difficult backcountry hike! Snowshoeing can offer some excellent views and is fun for any age! Photo: Tanya Koob. Known to help maintain or improve cardiovascular fitness, the sport helps burn more than calories per hour.

According to Snowsports Industries of America, snowshoers can burn more than 45 percent more calories than walking or running at the same speed. Thus, snowshoeing Anyone looking to try snowshoeing a great activity to include as part of a weight-loss regimen. Snowshoeing is also a low impact activity for those with injuries and other health issues and concerns.

Finally, snowshoeing is a great benefit for mental health! Personally, the serenity and beauty of the natural environment are truly amazing, whether close to home or far in nature.

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Snowshoeing is an incredibly healthy activity. Photo: Susan Wowk. Snowshoes can be rented or purchased for your outing.

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Use your snowshoes to explore your own backyard, a snow-covered city, the mountains outside of town, or far off backcountry areas with little civilization. The destinations are endless!

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Just keep safety as your top priority. For example, trails you hike in summer may not be the best to hike in winter. In fact, rocky or narrow trails can be much more difficult or even dangerous on snowshoes.

It’s like hiking, but everything’s white

Also, keep an eye on avalanche warning s and danger zonesespecially if hiking in the backcountry. Looking for your next destination? Search for trail, resort, and backcountry options! Snowshoeing can even be done in your local part after a snowstorm!

Get away from the crowds

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There are so many options of where to go, and it can be tough to choose! It can be tempting to bring out our snowshoes if we see any snow on the ground. However, to get the most out of your snowshoeing experience, paying attention to the conditions is crucial since not all conditions will actually require snowshoes. By wearing snowshoes in these conditions, it lessens the probability that you will post-hole punch a large hole in the snow.

Snowshoes were needed on this trail in Chama, NM, which had over a foot Anyone looking to try snowshoeing freshly fallen powder. What a beautiful, cold day! If there is not enough snow on the ground, there is no possibility of post-holing, so snowshoes are not needed. However, you may see some individuals use snowshoes on packed trails for better grip. Kids and some adults will often wear snowshoes on packed trails for better grip. Photo Ryan Alford. To Anyone looking to try snowshoeing all winter sports enthusiasts have a great time, here are a few snowshoeing tips related to etiquette on the trail.

When you are snowshoeing:. Looking for a quick read? Okay, now you have an idea of where to go and whether you need snowshoes. But, with so many options out there, how do you know which snowshoes to get? There are a few key features and snowshoeing tips to consider when renting or buying your snowshoes. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your snowshoe.

The snowshoe types listed below are modern snowshoes or snowshoes made from aluminum, plastic, or foam. Some individuals may choose to use traditional or wooden snowshoes instead of modern models. The differences between traditional and modern snowshoes are below.

Want to try snowshoeing? park experts tell where to go

When buying or renting a pair of modern snowshoes, keep in mind that three main types are available. MSR Revo Trail.

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The Lightning Ascents provide the grip, foot security, and comfort needed for technical snowshoe outings. Photo: MSR. Unisex — Available at Northern Lites. Photo: Phillip Gary Smith.

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Hard packed snow typically has a more even weight distribution than deep powder freshly fallen snow. Thus, if snowshoeing in deep powder, your snowshoes will need to be able to support more weight.

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For example, a snowshoe with a weight recommendation of lbs 68kg will support closer to the lb 68kg max when in hard-packed snow, compared to deep powder. This difference in conditions is why most snowshoes will come with a weight recommendation attached to the snowshoe. The snowshoes I was wearing were not the right snowshoe for these deep conditions, but allowed me to test my gaiters!

15 reasons to try snowshoeing this winter

The weight recommendation tells the user how much weight the snowshoe can carry user and any gear and still provide adequate floatation, or the ability to float on snow. There will always be some sinking in the snow, no matter the snowshoe, but sinking to your knees or above is not typical if you choose the right snowshoe. If you exceed the recommendation, in this case, you could end up sinking quite a bit in the snow, potentially up to your waist!

This experience would not be an enjoyable snowshoe outing. Finally, make sure that the snowshoe fits your foot properly.

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Some snowshoe manufacturers will list a recommended shoe size as well. If there is a mismatch between the weight recommendation and shoe size Anyone looking to try snowshoeing. Just keep in mind to avoid deep snow if you exceed the weight recommendation. Some snowshoe manufacturers, though, such as MSR, offer extenders or tails for their snowshoes.

These tails provide extra length while maintaining the shoe size and help the snowshoe to carry more weight. Make sure that your snowshoe is the right size for your boots. The easiest method to get started is to rent a pair of snowshoes for your first outing. Plus, renting or borrowing a pair of snowshoes from a friend allows you to try before you buy, which can be critical to finding the right snowshoe for you. The downside of renting your snowshoes is that rentals will often be a recreational snowshoe see modern snowshoe types.

Recreational snowshoes are great for more casual outings but may not be the right snowshoe for exploring technical terrain.

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You can rent snowshoes from a variety of outdoor stores, including REI. Photo: Ryan Alford. Package deals includes poles and snowshoe bag are generally good deals. However, just like renting, pay particular attention to the type of snowshoe you will be receiving.