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I'd also like to say as of December I ran out of internal storage and now have limited access to my phone because I don't have room.

I would have kept my old iPhone had I known this. I want to get that portion taken care of as well! I have been treated like a toy being passed all around by careless and uneducated babies who call themselves professionals! I know if I do not have a part in or I cannot do a repair for att thru Asurion within 5 days we give them a new device. Why would I, a person and employee who deals with your company daily give them better service and most certainly more compassion, honesty, and integrity, for att them your own company does to their customers!!!!

I will say because of all this highly unprofessional, shady, lying, deceitful, flip flop, acting like hot potato passing me around behavior I honestly want to quit my job. Because now I AM lying to MY customers saying your a great company when it is the furthest thing from Att los angeles customer service truth!!! I was very open and honest and said I wanted to switch to Samsung because I was sick of paying for apple cloud and wanted a SD slot.

He said yes that's very understandable and this was a good fit we hadn't started fixing the note 20s at asurion yet so I was unaware it infact didn't even have a SD slot until a note 20 sales representative came over to our table as he boasted about me getting one I again emphasized how I wanted to quit paying apple and wanted the SD feature.

She told me the note 20 5g didn't have one. I said I didn't want it then. I laughed because I thought he was joking. He wasn't. The sales rep them 2ent into my iPhone and looked into my storage and told me I'd have no need for a SD card anyway being that I didn't use a lot on my iPhone. So I went thru with the purchase. I got home and called att customer service they said I could go back and get the iPhone 11 pro max or I could get the ultra note 20 as it has a SD slot.

I refused and they said they couldn't do anything more. I traded in my phone and got a receipt. I got my first bill and seen a charge. I got my second bill and seen a charge. Same with December. I called on Dec 20 and spoke to a woman who said when my phone was received as a trade in on Sept 2 when I took it to the store and got my receipt saying it was a good trade in. I waited and received my bill this month in Jan and am still being charged and no credits. So I called spoke to George from collections he said that I should have it by now and I need to make a case.

Resolution date Jan 27 I haven't received any call back yet today is now Jan I called spoke with a lady didn't get her name she said that I needed to talk to a specialist she transfered me to Gary. Gary Att los angeles customer service he needed to open up a case I told him Att los angeles customer service was opened.

He said he needed to transfer me to a specialist.

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I said I thought you were an specialist Gary. He said he needed to transfer me anyways. I told him I only wanted to speak to someone who could access my and make changes he connected me to the trade in department. She said she couldn't help and would transfer me back to customer care.

I got on hold with them and they said it was another min wait so I did the call back. Ackeria called me back and said she couldn't help me and she was going to transfer me to customer care again. Now I am waiting on the phone once again. Loyalty department CESAREO got on phone he looked into case seen the resolution date and it Att los angeles customer service past that date he spoke to his supervisor and they told him they haven't worked on it yet and he doesn't have an exact date of when it will be completed but it won't take months like Gary said.

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I just have to be patient. They are still working on the case and there isn't a certain department that I can talk to about my problems I'm having with them and them not fixing it by their due date. Amber id AO from voc resolution team, called Feb 2 at pm from my survey I read her all my notes stated above she is saying she is going to see if she can find someone to work on it rn.

I'll be getting a text back within a max of 48 hrs! Her manager told her her that! She's positive they will have it resolved! Feb 4 no call back Feb 6 called again kesha from customer service said she is going to look into it got hung up on even after she asked my phone just in case we got disconnected.

They call hung up and no surprise here I didn't recieve call back. He transfered Att los angeles customer service to customer service.

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LJ from customer service said she wasn't allowed to give her employee ID then put me on hold after I told her she was lying because everyone else can give their ID she finally gave it as Xt3yvk6. She said they are working on it I told her I wanted my credited rn. She said id have to be transfered I said no I want a supervisor she tried to argue with me that they don't have supervisors and I told her I work for you guys I know how this works. She put me on hold at pm pm she transfered me to May she got on the phone Says she can't give also and ask me to hang on.

She Asked about case and what was traded in. She said she cannot do anything for me. I explain I have the paperwork saying it's free. Asks for ID after telling her I am allowed and enrolled to it she finally gave it to me as MPN she transfered me to Marine she too wouldn't give me her ID said they are not allowed to give it out. I said That's a lie she called me a liar.

She told me I did not get a free device for my trade in and that was not the promotion I qualified for because my device wasn't turned in. She told me I had to talk to the store that I got my note 20 from about that. On hold Called back again on hold again. She said the store didn't apply the promotion. And she noted everything. She is connecting me to the trade in Att los angeles customer service. She wanted to put me in a que to talk to a Manager when I asked.

She is connecting me to billing Billing dept Tiffany ID td I read her my notes she apologized and said her manager was working from home and was gunna call them to see if they would take my call.

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On hold now. She called Regina, she is going to call me back after 2 phone calls before me. I asked if I could get an iPhone back since I was lied to about my device and she said Regina. Could help me with that as well. It's and I'm praying Tiffany is the real deal. Well see I ordered internet on and installation date for but no one has shown up.

I ended up losing a day from work, on the phone for 5 and half hours sent to 18 departments which sent me to the same department 3 of them 5 times. Most could barely speak English, and one lady was so dam rude I could have come through my Att los angeles customer service and chocked her.

At the end you guys made the mistake but but fixed it, well let's you wouldn't help me get a installation date moved up even after it was your mistake. I'm going to talk to a lawyer because I have everything in recording.

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In August I had no internet or uverse for 5 days. My bill auto pays on the 17th of each month for some reason when he gave me the credit it changed my auto pay to the 1st of each month so now you send me a Bill double of what I pay and say my bill is past due.

I don't know how you do business but apparently you have incompetent employees. If I have to go to my bank tomorrow and change my bank I will unless this issue is resolved before that money is withdrawn. Next will be to the media with all my paper Bill's of what I pay monthly! I am a per-pay customer who bought a card at the store yesterday.

That would be fine but Att los angeles customer service a time like this, this is unacceptable. I had an interview at 8 am and I have now missed an opportunity to have employment again and all that can be said is your sorry. NO some one needs to figure out how they can make this right.

I have also been on hold waiting to speak with a supervisor now for over 20 mins. The customer service rep said his name was Richard F. Out of the country customer service!

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Customer service is in the Philippines for Gods sake!!!!!!!! I have been without tv service since Oct. I am beyond fed up!!! When is the Dollor General Corporation going to get someone to the Churubusco, Indiana store to fix the heat in the store? Your employees have …. How are they able to get away with breaching …. Coming from an instacart employee don't do it.

Worst company I have ever worked for. Not only do you sit around waiting for batches, but …. How can you have all these negative reviews and not change for the better.