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Retail store only. Call for details. Ellisimo Gold 2 has stitches, 4 fonts, des, frames, 8x12 embroidery field, spm, color visualizer.

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The easy to follow threading guide is a major advantage as well as the automatic needle threading system and the bright LED lighting that illuminates your work without creating shadows. This is not a small sewing machine. The Ellisimo Gold II has one of the largest work areas available on a home sewing machine.

This is especially helpful when working on large sewing projects, especially those big quilting or embroidery jobs. Among the almost countless advanced features available on the Ellisimo Gold II are the downloadable software; on board Nancy Zieman embroidery des; oversized alphanumeric characters; and print and stitch capabilities. Before ever attempting to work on the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II you get the feeling that working on this machine is going to be a pleasure. When you first turn it on, you have the option of choosing the sewing, quilting or embroidery mode.

At a glance

Regardless of the mode you select, following the on board threading and bobbin winding guides are only the first steps in what for me turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. At first, I was a bit concerned that with more than stitch options from which to choose making a selection might be a challenge without a stitch selection guide inside the top lid. For this review, I sampled several utility and decorative stitches. Just for the fun of it, I also toyed around with the alphanumeric fonts and decided to program the machine to write my name out in one of the large script fonts.

Whether Baby lock ellisimo gold 2 price the programmable de function or sewing decorative and utility stitches one at a time or in a programmed sequence, I found that the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II is solid, silent and produced great stitches no matter which option I chose.

With some sewing machines, it is necessary to raise the volume level if you are listening to music or watching television while sewing. This fully computerized sewing, quilting and embroidery machine is so quiet, it is entirely possible that you could hold a telephone conversation while sewing and the party on the other end of the call would never even suspect that a machine was running in the background.

Ratings and reviews

Accessories Standard accessories Standard accessories. The Baby lock Ellisimo Gold II is certainly one of the most well-appointed sewing, quilting and embroidery machines I have reviewed to date. It is user friendly — which is major advantage over many other machines in its class — and it is easy to learn to operate. The on board tutorials and guides are ideal for those home sewers who are not as familiar with basic sewing techniques and functions as I believe they should be before taking on such an awesome machine.

If you are familiar with my reviews, you already know that I firmly believe beginners should not take on too much at the onset of their sewing experience.

I do, however, recognize that lots of people with little or no sewing experience purchase machines far above their skill levels and then try to learn everything at once. Baby lock ellisimo gold 2 price may work for some people. However, the majority of them are so overwhelmed they end up either selling the machine and giving up on sewing altogether or leaving them to rot in the bottom of a closet.

In my opinion, it is best for beginners, no matter how young or old, to start with a basic machine and then moving up to more complicated machines, capable of rendering hundreds of stitches and loaded with top of the line optional features and accessories.

A beginner who invests in this machine must, however, not only be dedicated to learning sewing techniques, they must also be willing to make a solid commitment to themselves to stick with their new hobby in the process. In order to get the best out of the Ellisimo Gold II, I recommend these classes for everybody who makes an investment in this machine. The stitch quality is excellent.

It is extremely user friendly and the standard and optional features and accessories are mind boggling.

The bad news is this machine will be discontinued in April That, too, however, could be very good news because authorized local Baby lock dealers will be looking to sell off their current stock in order to make room for the new models to be released later this summer.

With the pending discontinuation of the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II, there will be lots of sales and opportunities for people to get a great deal on this great machine. If you are one of those people, I suggest you contact the nearest authorized Baby Lock dealer and ask for a demonstration.

Retail store only. call for details.

Do not attempt to purchase this or any other Baby Lock sewing machine on the internet. Baby Lock does not authorize the online sale of any of its machines. If you acquire a Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II through any source other than an authorized Baby Lock dealer, you forfeit all rights to warranties, factory service if it ever becomes necessary and all other benefits offered by the manufacturer. I owe you an apology. Please forgive my typo.

I understand the replacement is going to be wonderful. By the way the sales person talked at the store I visited they eye the latest big thing and were just out. What is replacing the Ellisimo Gold!!?

How does top of the line Babylock compare with Janome ? I am interested in both the Elllisimo Gold 2 and the Janome I prefer to sew, embroider and learn tapestry over quilting g. Please help! Ineed to decide soon. I feel that you would be very happy with either one. When compared side by side, however, I think the Janome offers more creative options. Be aware that the folks at Baby Lock are bringing out a new machine in late September or early October — the Destiny — which you may want to take a look at before making a final decision.

I am looking at the babylock ellisimo gold II and the new destiny. Which would you suggest and what are the differences.

Key features

The Destiny, in my opinion, has so many new untested features that you might want to consider the Ellisimo Gold II for now. This does not mean that the Destiny is not a good machine. I am looking at a used Elisimo. I am not sure of the age of the machine but it has a lot of stitches, close to a million. Do you think I need to be concerned about the of stitches? I am looking to replace my current machine- I have found an Ellismo gold ll at very good price. My question is, what software do I have to have to get to use the embroidery disk that I have.

The old software on my computer will not work with this machine. Do I have to purchase new software? I have the Ellisimo gold 2. You do not need additional software with a Windows computer if you want to send pes downloaded des to the machine.

You can increase or decrease on the machine but you cannot digitize or change the de as you can with some software. I love this machine…….

Baby lock ellisimo gold 2 sewing, quilting and embroidery machine

I had a Bernina before this with a dishonest dealer and minimal support from Bernina so I had some exposure to machine embroidery. This machine has a wonderful manual also but it is good good to have a dealer who can answer your questions.

It should not be necessary for you to purchase new software. You should check with an authorized Baby Lock dealer in your area for the most recent information as to how to solve the problem of your computer not recognizing the disc. Sarah, I have an Ellisimo Gold machine.

Note: I am a novice at this. When I stitched a flower de, the stitches seem to pile up on the back of the piece creating a bump. I used water soluble stabilizer. What am I doing wrong?