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Tick off these 10 best bars in Pattaya for awesome nights to remember. Alternatively, grab a drink from the well-stocked bar and chill in front of one of the numerous large plasma-screen TVs to watch various live sporting events.

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The Beer Bar is really unique to Thailand and can be found almost exclusively in major cities and tourist resorts. Pattaya in Thailand probably has the greatest of Bar Beer in the world.

The Beer Bar is an extension of an already established and sensible de which works well in a hot tropical climate. This simply builds a roof and leave the four sides open. That way you get shade and a breeze from whatever direction the wind blows. This has been used for restaurants all over Asia and is still in use today. The Beer Bar simply uses this space to erect a bar or several bars. Here they get protection from the sun and the rain.

One of the oddest features of the Beer Bar is the name. More often than not the Beer Bar will actually be called the Bar Beer. This is simply because that is the way it would be said in the Thai Language.

Most beer bars will be square or oblong in shape. The central area is usually for the Bar Girls. Sometimes, if the Bar Beer is large there may be customer seating in the middle and even a pool table. This tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

Normally the customers will sit around the four sides of the bar. The bar top is of very sturdy construction and is normally concrete.

Every Thailand Beer Bar has a bell. In the UK bars had bells in times gone by.

Thailand beer bar

Anyone ringing that bell is expected to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the bar. The rules change slightly with the establishment. Sometimes it is just the girls in the bar you are buying drinks for.

In others, there is actually a limit on your money but unless this is on a somewhere it is drunk for everyone. The balls are kept in small baskets located around the bar top. A basket is typically priced at Thai Baht. Customers can throw the balls one at a time for the girls to catch or throw the entire contents into the well of the bar and watch the girls compete to collect the most balls.

10 most happening bars in pattaya to visit

Each ball they collect is money for them. It may seem a bit coarse but it is all money. Not every Bar Girl will be bar fined every night. Neither will every girl be bought a ladies drink so any opportunity for a bit of extra cash is appreciated.

Half or wholly naked girls scrabbling around for balls was always thought fun. Fans are essential within the Beer Bar to keep the air moving. Even with the open side construction, the air can become very stuffy quickly. The fans are also very important to the girls as they can work up quite a sweat dancing on the bar.

Beer bars in pattaya

Not every Beer Bar will have a pole, but most do and some have two or three. Pole dancing can be as simple as one girl with the pole as a partner to quite dramatic feats. Certain songs or tunes really get the girls up and dancing, sometimes alone but as threes and fours is not unusual. The poles are normally located on plinths within the bar rather than on the bar tops. It is then possible to have pole dancing going on whilst other girls dance on the bar tops.

The 10 best bars in pattaya, thailand

It is not unusual for inebriated male customers in various stages of undress to dance with the pole. On occasion even seen some Western women put on incredible impromptu performances. There would be no Beer Bar without Bar Girls. Girls make the Bar. The friendliness and professionalism are what really determine a Beer Bars success.

Location helps, but without the Girls, there is no guarantee of success. Although some girls are employed by a Beer Bar not all of them are. They move on because they like it that way. They have no contract and so they can go when they want. They like the camaraderie, the fun and the anticipation of not knowing what will happen next. Wages will vary nightly dependent on the tips. There are good nights and bad nights and tomorrow could always be better.

The Bar Girls will vary in ages from late teens up till the mid-fifties.

There are older of course. Not all will be real girls either. The Ladyboys are sometimes mixed in amongst them and whereas some are clearly what they are, some could fool a doctor. Just about every Beer Bar today has a large screen TV. Most of these will be showing a Football game live. It makes sense.

A large proportion of men would not go out at all if they were going to miss football. So here is the bait to Beer bar pattaya thailand the prey. It is highly amusing to see a lot of Western men glued to the TV screen watching football whilst a ravishingly beautiful Bar Girl pole dances just inches away and unnoticed. Somewhere hidden away is a genius who mixes the music for Beer Bars. The wanting to get up and dance tune figures highly among the tracks. Then there is the sing-along type and those which conjure up memories.

There will be new tracks too which will firmly implant the Bar Beer in your mind.

Apart from the pool which is really an aside from the Beer Bar, there are three main games played:. Connect Four is very popular.

Unless you have played this game every day of your life there is no way that you will ever beat a bar girl. She will let you win sometimes and express shock or delight. She is there to keep you happy. The longer you play with her the more drinks you will buy. The more inebriated you become the more likely of Beer bar pattaya thailand Beer Google Effect. More likely she will be your companion for the evening or a short time.

They are stacked in a pile on the bar and then blocks are slid out one by one and added to the top of the pile in an overlap.

Great fun when sober, but hilarious when just a little drunk. Shut the Box or Jackpot Dice is a small open-topped box containing nine ed pivoted wedges. A pair of dice is rolled within the box and an appropriate ed wedge flipped over. The person who flips them all is the winner.

It may at first seem quite a simple game. Luck definitely places apart but there is some skill involved as well. Most Bar Beers will have a Mamasan who watches over all the activity in the bar. She will also act as the cashier.

Sometimes the Mamasan will actually own the bar or just be the representative of the string of girls. If you want to have a good time in a Beer Bar always buy the girl who serves you a drink and buys the Mamasan one too. By doing so once you have ed the guest book and been approved. As the name suggest Beer is the main item of the sale in a Beer Bar but a range of spirits and cocktails are always available too. It is surprising the of customers who just drink water or soft drinks.