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Filipine Being a private person seek friend especially for slappers

A private life is a happy life. A woman who retains a sense of mystery. I used to be one of those people that shared everything with anyone who was willing to listen.

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What does it mean to be a private person in a world of constant connection? If you are a private and reserved personyou will relate to these traits and behaviors:. The last thing a private personality seeks is being in the spotlight. This is a rare trait in our society with most people begging for attention and approval.

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I envy anyone who is able to open up to acquaintances and sometimes even strangers about their personal lives. When shit goes down in their lives, you'll hear about it, and there seems to be something really freeing about that. I wouldn't know as I'm one of those super private people who needs a subpoena to get anything out of me. Well, unless you're one of about five super-trusted people in my life who get to hear everything. Just ask my partner — he is always shocked when someone describes me as "quiet. I think a lot of us fall under the category of private, reserved, or whatever term people have used to describe our stoicism.

Certainly the term "introvert" has taken on a life of its own, though I think of this as something Being a private person different. The problem is, if you don't talk about your life, people will assume some pretty off-base things about you. And as a person who doesn't talk at length about this kind of thing obvs!

Here's what I've found that people will totally get wrong about you when you're a private person…. You think if you're quiet and mysterious that folks will think Being a private person, well, quiet and mysterious. More often than not, I probably just seem like a blank slate one can safely assume is boring as hell. Is it true?

Not for most people. But if you're not sharing much, there's not much to know. The benefit of the doubt is NOT usually on, "this person probably has a rich internal monologue going on! Quiet people have the potential to have a lot going on in their he that you just don't know about.

That's how humans work. It's just really easy to assume otherwise. Yep, I wish that, too, but sadly, most of us can't use repression as an actual coping mechanism and be okay. Private people may not be talking about their lives much, but we're certainly living it just as much and Being a private person with the same feelings at the same levels.

Private person quotes

It's there, I promise, we're just not projecting it out in the same way. I'm moving soon, and for the first time I won't have the built-in community of school. How can I meet people in my new town. I once heard that shyness is actually a form of self-aggrandizement since it implies that if you're self-conscious of how you're perceived, that you assume people actually give a shit about what you do.

As a formerly shy person, this is a pretty freeing thought. If people are mostly just worrying about what people are thinking of themthen they're not thinking about you.

Freeing, n'est—ce pas? For the most part, if you don't tell someone what's going on with you, there isn't anything to assume is going wrong. I know I recently had a dose of this reality when a friend of mine admitted on social media that they aren't likely to share their struggles online and therefore it only SEEMS like everything is awesome for them.

This is something we're all guilty of, myself very much included. It's easy to have a friend who is private who seems like everything is hunky-dory because they just aren't talking about their problems. And it may be because they think nobody actually cares since everyone's pretty much just trying to live their own lives. If you're wanting to pry open a reserved person, let them know that you're one of the people who really does care. As an insecure person see point above!

Arrogance has not been a definer by most who know me. Lots of other faults, sure.

What are the characteristics of a private person?

Just not that one in particular. If you even consider arrogance a fault at all. But when you're not opening up and sharing your life trials with someone, it can totally feel like they just don't think you're worthy of their confidence. I totally get this one. But once they get past whatever keeps them private insecurity, trust issues, maybe nothing at all?

Are your waters running deep and silent? Show me some solidarity or let me know how I'm totally off-base! I have been at a great job for six months and have just had my second employee review. What came up is that my boss thinks I need to be…. Catherine Clark Catherine Clark loiters at her local Being a private person, makes art, watches movies en masse, plays video and tabletop games, poorly cooks healthy things, cuddles with her feline fur babies, and blogs at BijouxandBits.

I may be a little bitchy but I am really just uber Being a private person … found out by watching the most of my family implode over "over sharing" that you can never take back anything you say, and eventually anything you share can come back and bite you. I think about everything that I say, all of the time. I am a private extrovert, if that makes sense. I learned exactly what you point out a long time ago. Such is human nature. So in a semi-friendly environnement like work or with people I am not really close to I am bubbly and friendly. I listen a lot.

I share tons of inconsequential things, day-to-day stuff, what my kid has done etc. The truth is this is the nice flower garden in my front yard. There is a LOT of crap in my past, the things they make movies out of. And obviously, you accept and move on, but you are still scarred. I don't want anyone poking around in my squishy innards.

What it means to be a private person in an overconnected world

I'm like a glass of swamp water, nicely decanted. The water on top is pure and sparkly, but there is a large layer of settled muck underneath. And no way am I diving back there. So I don't seem that private.

Perhaps a bit superficial. And I cultivate this impression. I guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover. Even someone who seems open might be holding stuff close! This rings so true to me.

I'm an introvert on the autistic spectrum, and I find it so hard to open up and talk to people I don't know. Somehow, 1 time out ofI just click with someone and we become friends. Or spouses. I've always had a handful a friends at any given point in my life, not lifelong friends, but close enough persons I care about.

But other than that, IRL social interactions are hell to me.

Are private people hiding something?

Corporate BBQ with my husband's coworkers? Small talk at a networking luncheon? Small talk with travelers in a hostel? Small talk? I probably look stuck-up, cold, childish, immature, shy and probably outright boring. It's okay. I have a very rich social online life where I can be myself. And a rich "real" life with myself, my husband and my furbabies.

Becoming more open in a relationship

I try not to push myself too hard in social situations. If we click, it's cool. If not, I'll let you lead the conversation and I don't care if you find me boring.

Maybe I am. But my life is not boring at all, and that's what matters in the end.

What people totally get wrong about you when you're a private person

It is nice to hear that you have a great online social life, because I can see him developing the same. Thank you. Oh Catherine, every time I read one of your posts I think to myself "we have the exact same tastes and we seem so much alike" and now you post this and just kind of cemented it for me… I am a super introvert and often tell my husband that my dream life is just to be a hermit…. I think a lot of people probably think that I come off as bitchy because I don't open up or like Being a private person other people please don't come in for a hug!