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Want to watch ' Ben-Hur ' on your TV, phone, or tablet? Discovering a streaming service to buy, rent, download, or watch the William Wyler-directed movie via subscription can be a challenge, so we here at Moviefone want to help you out. We've listed a of streaming and cable services - including rental, purchase, and subscription options - along with the availability of 'Ben-Hur' on each platform.

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After a Jewish prince is betrayed and sent into slavery by a Roman friend, he regains his freedom and comes back for revenge. Quintus Arrius : Your eyes are full of hate, forty-one. That's good.

Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength.

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In. Play trailer Adventure Drama History. Director William Wyler. Top credits Director William Wyler. Top rated movie Trailer Clip Streaming Passport: The Roman Empire. Ben-Hur Anniversary Mashup. Photos Top cast Edit. Stephen Boyd Messala as Messala. Haya Harareet Esther as Esther. Martha Scott Miriam as Miriam. Cathy O'Donnell Tirzah as Tirzah.

Sam Jaffe Simonides as Simonides. Finlay Currie Balthasar as Balthasar …. Terence Longdon Drusus as Drusus. Fortunato Arena Soldier as Soldier uncredited. Ady Berber Malluch as Malluch uncredited. William Wyler. More like this. Storyline Edit.

Judah Ben-Hur lives as a rich Jewish prince and merchant in Jerusalem at the beginning of the 1st century. Together with the new governor his old friend Messala arrives as commanding officer of the Roman legions.

At first they are happy to meet after a long time but their different politic views separate them. During the welcome parade a roof tile falls down from Judah's house and injures the governor.

Although Messala knows they are not guilty, he sends Judah to the galleys and throws his mother and sister into prison. But Judah swears to come back and take revenge.

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A Tale of the Christ. Did you know Edit. Trivia The chariot race required 15, extras on a set constructed on 18 acres of backlot at Cinecitta Studios outside Rome. Tour buses visited the set every hour. Eighteen chariots were built, with half being used for practice. The race took five weeks to film. Goofs During the chariot race just before Ben-Hur's chariot jumps the wrecked chariot, stunt driver Ben hur free online Canutt can be seen dropping the reins and grabbing hold of the side of the his chariot his father, stunt coordinator-2nd unit director Yakima Canutthad instructed him to grip the underside of the chariot's railing.

Joe ignored him, or forgot, and grasped the railing from the top, and was vaulted over the top of the chariot, which could have been fatal had his quick reflexes and strength not allowed him to haul himself back over the vehicle's yoke before he fell between the horses and chariot.

Quotes Quintus Arrius : Your eyes are full of hate, forty-one. Crazy credits The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion is shown in a still-frame to appear looking peaceful at the beginning rather than roaring. Alternate versions The first DVD release had an "Intermission" title card printed in a different font from the one used in the theatrical film and on the second, 4-disc DVD release. Connections Edited into Spisok korabley User reviews Review. Top review. It's hard to deny that William Wyler's lavish version of "Ben-Hur" is sometimes a bit overdone, but it nevertheless remains an entertaining and worthwhile classic.

The material does justify the big-budget approach, since the story contains several interesting themes as well as plenty of action sequences. While some parts could have been stream-lined with little loss, in order to make the movie as a whole flow more smoothly, in general the film as it is keeps a good balance between action and substance. There are some very good dramatic moments in addition to the action highlights. Charlton Heston is well-cast as Ben-Hur, a role that plays right to his strengths.

The strained relations between Ben-Hur and Messala provide one set of themes for the story, as well as driving much of the action. Heston handles his end of it pretty well, although Stephen Boyd could have been a little less static in his portrayal of Messala. Jack Hawkins works very well as Quintus Arrius, and his scenes with Heston are used well in establishing some of the inner workings of Heston's character.

Hugh Griffith also has a couple of good scenes as Sheik Ilderim. The chariot race and other action sequences usually get most of the attention, but there are also some worthwhile ideas in the story which are really the focus of Ben hur free online original novel that are developed well enough. There is also a very good silent movie version of "Ben-Hur" fromwhich at times takes a different approach from this version, and which is well worth seeing in itself for those who like the story.

Snow Leopard Sep 23, FAQ 2. What are some differences between the Ben hur free online versions of the story? Why does Sheik Ilderim believe Judah does not like the meal he was served? Why does Balthasar seem to want him to burp? Details Edit. Release date November 18, Canada. United States. William Wyler's Ben-Hur. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 3h 32min. Related news. Jun 26 Gold Derby. Jun 25 Gold Derby.

Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the Hindi language plot outline for Ben-Hur ? Edit .

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